Saturday, 15 August 2015


Aghast. Simply aghast and astounded.

How can a bunch of French match in protest about the UK stopping illegal immigrants coming to the UK?!

I simply can't believe it!

If you cared that much you should priest against your own government to offer these people ask that they think they will get in England.

Then you won't need a fence!

What they also are completely unaware of, forgetting the liars and radicals wanting to carry out plans, is that the criminal types make yo a high percentage and that after they have amassed £200,000 in payouts from the public purse, something a Brit could not achieve 10% of even if disabled, is that they sell it all, go off back home or somewhere where and vibe back under a different name and so it all again.

I happen to know this to be a fact and have known for a few years.

But worry not ... this comes out in a few months so that everybody knows everywhere.

I wonder if those dumb arseholes thought to wonder why they risk their lives? The answer is no.
How many people do you, or they, think are capable of anything, including murder for £1 Million? 

How about half that much?

What is the figure someone works be capable of killing for?

When they can amass a quarter of a million in a year it two and then repeat this a number if times.
Yes ... I agree. A great deal of incompetent British who wrongly thought themselves highly intelligent when they are not at all, caused this by giving then everything.

You don't solve the issue by continually letting them in and giving then everything, especially at the expense of British born people who have a hatred building yo within them you can not stop, now never will either, by telling them bit to feel that easy or that they shouldn't feel that way!

Feelings are feelings and we are all slave to these things and they cannot be controlled.

Until you can hand out free drugs to control them these feelings and the build yo of them will continue. No matter what a bunch of mad lefties say not good many times they say it!

Funny thing is in Britain is that we have now had our second straight talking politician. The first was claimed to be extreme right wing, but I never saw that. The latest one contesting the leadership for Labour is supposed to be extreme left wing. Once again I have not seen that!

Yet these two people of different parties seen to have something in common that once again these super sleuths we have as journalists completely miss this very bizarre and worrying connection.
They are both lambasted and called mad terrible makers by other members of parliament and the media?!

Now I am not right wing. Nor am I left wing. In fact I absolutely hate these terms and think they were invented for some bizarre reason to manipulate people?

I believe in being both honest and fair. I won't hide behind the curtain or sofa because scaremongers are lying in wait with their non politically correct sticky labels attached to Chinese stars!

I'm more likely to explode in their face and accuse them off being scared of these people and that they think if they fight for then they will be left alone. Or that they won't go after them.

That's how it always comes across to me ... FEAR!

Oddly when it covers to their fellow nationals they test then like shit, sit in their high chairs, so long gangrene sets in, giving you news that your lives been destroyed by them and they do not bat an eyelid. Disabled or with young children, it matters not. I've heard all the horror stories one could handle and have lists of names from all over the place. All over the country I mean and people that do not even know one another.

Yet these same heartless evil wankers like to look caring and humans on TV and in the media when it comes to immigrants they could not possibly know nothing about!

If your a Brit ... well your going to have to give proof until your arse, ears and eyes are bleeding and with a completely stone cold emotionless look they destroy your life.

Put a immigrant in front of them and they turn into quivering wrecks, years flowing and take everything on trust and face value!

The most incompetent things about these tossers is they never thought they would ever get found out, let alone exposed fit what their true nature actually is?!

The fact of the matter is that I already have. Dozens of times too. I will state that the biggest and best of these is utter to come.

And its going to be goooood!

In the many months that follow there will be no end of conversations regarding these details. From evenings to the early hours or over a table in a cafe over early breakfasts.

A topic that will simply fail to die. Because the nation will be privy to a set of facts, an understatement, that they have never possessed before.

Anything that is uttered from any of the public services involved will not only every be trusted again but instead will be accepted as complete bullshit within seconds of them being uttered.

This will create a downward spiral. Once again the powers won't notice at first and then ignore. They will wake up one day to discover that the entire nation is in disarray and something, or things, will need to be done!

What things?

Oh only the things they keep promising us every couple of years for the last 6 years or so. Only this time they will know that they can't just bullshit for a few weeks until we forget about it all like the fickle nation we have become.

Not this time, boy-o!

There will be a deafening din that will last for decades that will become brain-bursting to intolerable levels.

I will be right there to waggle my finger back and forth and say 'no, no ... NO! I told you and I told you and you ignored me, now you pay the price!'

Some pretty big prices too.

I wonder if I will ever get tired of kicking arse once I get started?

Oh what? You thought I started? No, no, no. This had just been the warm up for the main event!


Oh and the two politicians at the opposite ends of the political spectrum? Or so they say. The straight talkers that have been demonized by a bunch of lazy, money grabbing, career progression chasing liars?

Nigel Farage and now Jeremy Corbyn.

Protest against new mile-long Calais migrant fence -

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