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Right then ...

Right at the wrong time I am having more and more issues with Virgin Media. I stated this previously, err I think, and that my Internet connection was very intermittent.

Well besides only being with them 3 months and besides the fact that my Internet connection has been off totally for 4 days in this time, badly intermittent for almost two weeks, the failed to tell me that they would cut my Internet day the bill is due and that I would not be able to access even their site when it is cut ...

No forgetting all that momentarily I have now done a tally up ...

I have paid them £224 for their basic broadband and phone only package in three months ...

I also have a bill, or in fact two bills (see below), for £124 odd and yet was told on the phone I owed £40 and was actually in credit when this was due. You can see from the bank statements I paid Virgin Media twice in 24 to 48 hours. The first £30.13 because they said that was the outstanding I owe. The next day phoning to ask why my Internet was not back on I am told I owe £15.00 still?! (see recordins in part two which you will find hilarious)

I say you will find the recordings hilarious but if you have been at odds with Virgin Media, at WAR with Virgin Media either previously or currently ... 


So what do I have here in this post?

First up is a letter I sent to Virgin Media telling them that they need to place my account where no sunlight at all will rest upon its surface.

I send a letter to Ofcom and remind them IO have complained before about both Virgin Media and Three Mobile, for placing software without permission on my phone that is easily proved and then lied that they did, again easily proved.

I rant ... lol!

Then you will find some details about what I paid, what I should have paid which are world's apart to over £100 or double that depanding on if the two bills they sent me for £124 are true, they said on the phone and in the recordings that they are not ...

Guess what I am going to do? If they cut the Internet again, which they always do, I am going to phone up and ask how much I owe.

Now taking bets about it being £40 as they stated in the phone-call, it being £124 odd as stated in the two bills or higher than £124? LMFAO!


11th August 2015

Dear Sirs

ACC **********

I have been with your service a very short time.

Yet in this short time I had been paying you I have very rapidly come to the conclusion that your service is utterly abyssmal. Not just for one or two reasons either but for a whole long list of reasons ranging from no service, slow service, intermittent service for days and days on end but a completely unprofessional one that goes beyond incompetence.

This is because out of 6 conversations about one single problem I was told a dozen different things about this one single solitary problem! Many people ask me how in the world a company, that charges a fucking late fee, can give so many different reasons for the same problem?!

I would have reacted the same way had someone else told me the story!

Well how about having your Internet cut off for a late bill and let us forget the fact that unlike every single mobile phone service you cannot provide your customers with a way of accessing their accounts with you. Of which there is absolutely no excuse. A stated EE, T-Mobile, Orange, Three and O2 all manage to do this and have done so for years now.

Let us forget about the fact that you failed to inform me that if the bill was late that you would cut my Internet connection off. Let us forget the fact that I did not want the fucking phone, which was the cause of the problem because of just three phone-calls I made. Let us forget the fact that despite not being able to access your account to pay you also did not send an adequate bill out in plenty of time. Let us also forget the fact that you informed me that the installation fee was £25 and then later decided it was £50 and added the remaining £25.00 to my first bill that ended up being £88.00 odd.

Now let us forget them for a moment while I state to you, a company that has the audacity to set a late fee without telling them to its customers without warning them as if it is so terrible to make a mistake and be late, despite the fact that the company has set things up so that the customers end up being late. Let us forget that and immediately point to the fact that the audacity comes in when the company in question can be easily described with the saying that 'the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing' and this would be an understatement and then some.

No … on being cut off and realsing I must be late with a payment I go down to your store in Enfield Town to pay …

Except I am told I do not owe anything and that the Internet has been cut off doe to a security breach

I then return home, phone you and go through various people before being cut off

I then try again and on the phone for ages before someone tells me that I have not been cut off because of a security issue but that I have an outstanding amount of £30.13

I pay this and was first told my Internet would come back on, but then later told by someone else it will not come back on until I have spoken to your fraud department, then I get cut off … again!

I phone back up and I tell a lady, after another long wait, what has happened, she confirms I need to speak to the fraud department and tries for ten minutes to get them on the phone so I do not get cut off again … she then comes back and tells me that she is getting a message to say that they went home 8 minutes earlier. I have a go at her and your company and tell her you have 24 hours to get my Internet back on or I am gone, not because of the absolutely dreadful contradicting alone but also because of the lying and failing to inform of penalties, like late fees, no bills and the installation charge. She is a little stern and insists I can only get the Internet back on after speaking the the fraud department. I tell her I have stated all that I am willing to and hang up on here. She fails to see that everyone else has told me differently and that every single person, including her, has been insistent that they are right and cannot see what I am angry about. Guess what?

She was wrong!

Twenty four hours later I phone up to cancel my account due to God knows how many breaches of the T&C and the Internet not being back on when I am told that the reason that the Internet is not back on is because I owe you £15.00?!?!

Once again your staff think they are right … until I ask him WHEN I paid, how MUCH I paid and HOW I paid.

Fortunately this gentlemen suddenly realises that I was told wrong the day before, which was when I paid. He is aghast when I tell him that I was first told

I owe nothing and the next bill is due on the 3rd August

I owe £30.13 and the next bill is due on the 9th August.

Now being told that I owe another £15.00 on top of the £30.13 and the next bill is due on the 12th August!!

I then point out that he has to admit that this looks like a deliberate attempt by his company to collect a lot more money than the advertised £27.99 each month? Pointing out also that this has already jumped up by £5.00 per month because of VAT they also failed to point out.

Nope! This letter is being sent with my demands not because of all this and in just the space of three months! No would you believe it, it gets far. Far worse?!

The 14 day cancellation period works at 34mb/s and then immediately drops to 5.99mb/s for the next 4 to 6 weeks with an upload speed, I depend on, of 0.99mb/s!

Then one day it goes off completely all day so that I end up phoning up again!

I get told it is being fixed and improved and sure enough it actually comes back on while I am waiting on the phone and I, for some reason, decided to test it and it registers 47mb/s. The closest this has come to the advertised 50mb/s since I took it out! Another breach of the contract.

This works fine for about a week or two, up until ten days or so ago. Since then it has been on and off constantly, so much so that only half the time can I watch a ten minute video on YouTube without it failing!

I am afraid it gets worse. Then it is going to get a lot worse and I guarantee your bosses will not take much notice … well that is until they get to the end of the letter.

Now because I went with Virgin Media … so did my daughter. But guess what?

Her experience with the hidden charges, bills over twice the stated and quoted monthly figures and the the service has been exactly identical to my experience and within a month she cut it off. You then proceeded to take money you had no right to from her bank account leaving her overdrawn which incurred a fee from her bank.

Want to hear how this gets worse?

This money yo took was MINE! Mine that I paid into her account several times because you were taking more than the quoted figures!! Oh no this is not the bad bit.

Now I am going to tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do and are about to do.

I am going to forget about, or rather skip, details about my health condition and the pains and short term memory issues it causes me and tell you what I have been doing for a fair old while. Before I do I am going to tell you that a copy of this is going to the Ombudsman. Now this is the part I stated earlier that you wont give a flying feck about. I am also going to tell you that I know and know why that you wont.

I write a whole series of blogs and have been doing so for over 3 years now. Many of these are in sciences I am expert in, one is computing! Oh dear. No that is not the worst part, far from it.

My main one and most popular one is on corruption, lies and cheating of mainly public services, umm almost all of them, and also a dozen private companies.

I have been working secretly and then not so secret;y on these for over 7 years. In the last 6 years, let us see if I can force the penny to drop for the first time ever among big idiot corporate firms, I have recorded every single conversation I have had. I very rarely end up with something that does not consist of something major.

I knew that the Ombudsman were all corrupt and one by one and with each and every industry and public service I sent them details, knowing full well they would make excuses, drag their feet and do nothing. Unfortunately they fell into trap after trap I set for them.

I ended up with over 100GB of data and in fact it tipped over this many, many months ago.

Here are a few of those I got and caught red handed and remember I have all the assocaited ombudsman for each and every one …

Local Councils (FOUR)
Police Forces (TWO)

Shop Direct (via Littlewoods and Very Catalogues)
PC World
Three Mobile

That list is not complete and remember all ombudsman are involved. Now I will tell you just a couple of things that have occurred in this time followed with what is about to happen.

In January 2013 I was asked by a backbench Labour MP, via email, if he could use the contents of my blog in the House Of Commons to attack Iain Duncan-Smith and send to the media. I said yes and many of my subject matter was already appearing in the news so much so that friends even started to notice. This increased after that request.

I have had four court cases concerning the above and I won every single one of them.

Now are you ready for the part where your company's bosses will start pooing there pants?

There is currently a court case. A very big court case and that is an understatement. But how can I emphasize this without blurting out details which may breach the media ban on the case?

It has gone on for three years.

From the beginning the legal firm offered to pay all the fees, now they are not a no-win-no-fee law firm, they just knew this was huge.

It has gone across five courts before ending up in the hands of the Supreme Court. Oh and we won.

In a matter of days we will get a phone-call and I will then have to travel some distance from home and remain there for months … because they payout is huge, over £1 Million, and the person receiving it only young and will need guidance.

It is in the hands of the Supreme Court because no one has done anything like this before.

Despite the fact that from day one the law firm stated this was big and wanted to go to the media they are now stating, along with several court judges, that this is far bigger than they ever imagined and the biggest case they have ever seen and in the entire country. Hence the Supreme Court has to set the punishments and the damages, which is why we do not know where between the £750,000 minimum the law firm states and the £2 million or more it could be and some cases like this have a limit of £10 Million, or did ten years back. Know how I know?

I was PA to friends who were solicitors during a very difficult time for them.

'Our' legal case is over, bar the figures...and the shouting. I have heard that some shouting already took place, probably because the council discovered that the damages they have to pay will not be £100,000 or £200,000 that they thought it would and be higher than the £850,000 that 'our' legal firm asked for.

Oh dear.

Unfortunately for them they used old ammunition that I have had a defence for, for the last 4 years that was incontrovertible, legal documents going back to the time they tried to wriggle out of when was nine years ago and documents going back 20 years. OOPS!

Quite how the Supreme Court will react to being lied to by two big public service institutions, one of which being a local council and one being a Police force, I do not know. Especially since they have started uncovering that this has been going on in other councils and Police forces around the country each of which has been covered to one extent or another in both the national tabloids and the TV News media.

Before any link is made to to other cases and that ours was discovered prior to theirs, my reputation does precede me with many that I rip in two, I should point out that in the case of Rotherham Council where the victims have only just started their 3 year battle and ours is already over.

Journalists were told, err well warned, by commissioners and MP's to … 'expect more' and that 'this was not the only one'.

I have it on good authority that the not only does our case affect the four, ooh did I forget to mention there are FOUR, but in one it has to be deconstructed and rebuilt. Staff belonging to this one were innocently chatting to my 'partner in crime' in the halls outside the courts one day. When they asked what their name was these two professional people said they knew who they were, to the bemusement of my 'partner in crime', then stated they cannot be seen talking to them and ran away. Before they fled they were asked how they knew this persons name and they said 'Know your name?! EVERYONE knows your name and about your case!'

Oddly enough that is not the case out of the quarter of a million plus visitors I have had on my various blogs … though I am somewhat … discreet about it for now.

However by the time you have been able to digest this letter or within a week of digesting this letter I would either be out of town for some considerable period or booked to be so.

When I am the legal firm want to speak to me directly and added to this the media ban on the case will be lifted and will finally find out whether or not a well dressed woman in black who has been taking notes within the court room for many months is indeed the national tabloid journalist I think that she is?

Also the legal firm will no doubt want to carry out something they have wanted to for quite some time and that is contact the news media themselves. Do you know people actually as me why?

I say … 'What do you think that if the defendant pays out over £1 Million or even half that that the news media wont want to know what the hell for? Have you then considered all the other media, like radio and magazines that will also want to know? Exclusive interviews and anything else like that?'

Do you know what some of the other inevitable questions will be? I get them already from some of the general public … 'How the hell did you do it?!'

Any idea what that media coverage will do?

Any idea what it will do to my blog when it happens in a months time?

Any ideas to what this will do to everyone I have battled I have mentioned?

Any idea how the public will eventually react to that I have provided and those that I have exposed?

No? Yeah, nor did all the others … which is why it was such a brilliant and ingeius plan from day one!

Now by the time you read this … this letter will be pride of place on my blog. I previously warned you about this but it matters not … I knew you would cast it aside and not see me as a threat at all.

This is indeed what makes the whole thing an even bigger headache for those I have battled with who have lied, cheated and treated the public/customers with contempt. I make you look both incompetent, evil and above all appear protected. Because I have know for a very long time, over a decade, that ombudsman do not do that they claim to do, are tasked to do and paid large sums of money to do from the public purse. Why did I do that?

To not only expose corruption anywhere and everywhere but to maker the public also see that the amounts of money they claim to be wasting on waste of time benefit claimants are misguided, lies and that this area is a piss in the ocean compared to what is really going on.

Are you worried now?

I want you to cancel my account with you and I have not even sat down to work out why I was told that my bill due any day now was £70 for a monthly £27.99 … sorry £32.99 bill which I have already paid £35.00 towards on top of that £15.00 no one told me about.

Oh and I will go through the amounts of money I have paid you in my bank statements for the few months I was with you along with the payments I made you towards the mobile phone service which was also suspect, a lot in payments and missing some things I was not informed about!


Martin Haswell BSc

PS I have not even covered all of the complaints here, like how I could not get into my account to check my bills and that when I then clicked on forgot password it stated no one with my email existed. So I then clicked on create new account where I was then told that my email did exist.

A no win situation that it took several of your staff and technicians several explanations to understand after trying to tell me to try that I already explained had tried several times!!

PPS Or the fact that immediately after paying the £50 for the £15.00 bill, so I was £35.00 in credit for that bizarre £70 bill I received not one but TWO bills through the post stating I owed you £122.00?!?!

You do know how to use computers, right?!

Oh and I know you have been selling my ex-directory number out to firms … because I gave it out to only two people and my GP.

All but one family member were NOT given my number and none of my friends were given my number and yet I have had dozens of marketing and sales calls!!


Forenote ... there was an end ... I must have forgotten to save it when I got a call from my ...


Get a lot of those ... well getting closer to 'D' DAY!


Ofcom Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA

11th August 2015

Dear Sirs

Virgin Media Complaints PLURAL

I have contacted you previously regarding the above.

Do not worry I have known for a very long time now that ombudsman do not do anything, please do not insult my intelligence by even trying.

That is because I have been playing ombudsman into glaringly obvious traps they have missed along with all associate companies and public services I have battled with.

About to cast these statements to one side?

Yes I would wager you would do that to! However the time is very rapidly approaching nigh and I would direct you to read ALL of the included letter I sent to Virgin Media! Your urge to cast these statements to one side might just change a tad once you have read it.

Oh and do not feel alone, by all means. Because some other ombudsmen are getting letters to about now.

Not only was it all in the planning … it was all in the timing too.

Unfortunately for Virgin Media they did some very, very bad things, told some very bad lies and made not one or two but several really bad and unprofessional mistakes.

I am also going to state that right here and right now Direct Debits should be outlawed among those that cannot nor have not any intention of sticking to a flat monthly fee.

I think you will agree that the time is nigh that the public have help and are stopped having to worry, or indeed PAY, for the mistakes of others that cannot handle the technology that they themselves sell to the public.

I would strongly suggest you dig up my complaint to you about Three Mobile and their lies, cheating and doing the same thing virus program writers do but think it is OK because they have money and power.

I also think it high time that you and the government outlaw being able to sell you the same service not once, not twice but three or four times over. Hmm … with landlines this makes it five or six I believe?!

But by all means … do what others have done that are about to get their own letters along these lines for their own failures, deliberate or otherwise.

I mean after all … maybe I am lying in my letter to Virgin Media about the fact that I have a Supreme Court case that will … no has destroyed four public services the entire public will get to read about when the media bar is lifted in a couple of weeks time. Lol, a couple of weeks for this to sit in the inbox tray before anyone realises what has happened, what I have done, what is about to happen and how they can get out of it.

Yes, go ahead and ignore it all … because this will have such a negative effect on what it is I do, what I blog about and when the quarter of a million visitors I have had so far rockets through the roof during the Autumn and Winter of this year of 2015 it will have such a negative effect on that too!

Everything I have ever done on my blog was planned so that I could not be stopped and whether or not companies or public services acted or not I simply could not lose.

Nor could I be stopped. Even though I have well over 100GB or data much of which is recorded conversations across 5 hospitals, 5 GP practises, four local councils, two Police forces, HMRC, many others and all their associated ombudsman over 7 years, 20 years with the documents.

Take no notice of the fact I had a mountain of stuff by January 2013 when a backbench Labour MP asked if he could use elements of what I had in the House of Commons and send to the media.

Or the fact that the legal team is representing a 'partner in crime' no one can link me to for about another month, that it has been going on for 3 years, they paid all the bills (not no win no fee and no legal aid) and are dying to speak to me in person in a few weeks time.

Or the fact that a national tabloid journalist has been taking notes in the courtroom for months now and that there is a media ban on the case. That the judges across five courts that heard this case have stated it is a landmark case far bigger than the huge label they gave it from the outset three years ago.

This does not include the Supreme Court. Oh did I fail to mention that we won … two months ago and that winning was on the cards from day one? Oops.

Also forget the fact that despite the excuses that Virgin Media have tried or will try to to give that my 'partner in crime' decided to take out a service with them, as we were going to be richer by well over £1 Million in a matter of months and maybe over £2 Million once my own plans come into play and the tabloids inevitably pay via our law firm, and had the exact same set of bad service, lies and large bills that I have had!

Or the best advice is that you should pay very close attention to what I stated in my letter to Virgin Media included in this envelope.

I do not know whether all you ombudsmen or even all the industries stick together, well there have been more than a few accusations of price fixing in the news media, but if you suddenly or your bosses suddenly feel the urge to warn all other ombudsman. Be my guest.

Be warned that as well as those that well be destroyed in the coming months IU have already beaten the hell out of many others in four separate court cases. Proving that with each and every one of them that the ombudsman, and help and advice services for that matter, were all wrong in each and every case stating I had no case.

What is more is that each and every case I won I did so without even appearing. In one instance the party who lost, Shop Direct, then proceeded to lie to me and tell me that the court had given me 28 days to pay them £400. Forgetting the fact that I point out to them that I was well aware that they were lying and that they had lost but we was now 14 days into a 28 day period the court told them were to get off and come back with a better case.

Oddly I never heard any more on the matter!

No these were not included in the four big name public services that have all just lost in court to us, these were four previous cases of which there were only four meaning that I have a 100% record across a decade of winning.

A number of victories that have now doubled overnight while keeping my 100% record.

But then I planned many years ago from the outset and up until this point in time while this case completed to give a message out. A very, very big and incontrovertible message to one and everyone in a short space of time.

That I took on and exposed corruption that ended up surfacing everywhere I looked 100% of the time and that was never, EVER going to beat me.

I can assure you that even from a Vicar, along with many others, that I have had all the questions you could think of including the most common 'How the hell did you do this on your own?!'

By the time that 2016 hits us which is well under 6 months away there would have been hundreds and hundreds of questions along these lines … and many other lines to boot no doubt.


Right now I have worked out that I paid ...

£224 odd though from what I worked out it should be £126 odd?!

Bearing in mind I am told on the phone I owe £40 on this bill but have two, presented below, that state £124 odd!

Also below are edited bank statements that show I have paid out £224 odd in total to them, along with the screenshots are the bills stating £124 odd, which should be £40.00!

This is PART ONE and in PART TWO I will publish the recordings of the many phone-calls I made to them where you here them not have a fucking clue about how much I owe, now when it is owed (GOT THREE ANSWERS FOR EACH), or why my Internet in three months has gone from ...


Added to this in their inability to understand simple English, or I cannot either access my account, retrieve my password nor create a new account and they say 'oh click on forgot password' .. TWICE!!

The entered, not me but THEY, entered my email wrong, spelling 'saint' in the email as 'stain' LMAO!




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