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I have always wondered to the cost of the United Nations and what they do, outside of appearing on TV to state they find done nation to bring horrific for some action or other.

Since the global financial crisis and the immigrant problem had gotten worse I find myself asking myself this more and more.

I have admittedly missed the opportunities of late to post about this.

I was hearing of the problem of more and more lorries being discovered as having immigrants in the back trying to sneak in.

If they are trying to sneak in unnoticed then it cannot be for good reason can it now?

I often wondered how many go unnoticed when I heard about a lottery on the M1 motorway having overt a dozen people stowed away inside. These were Vietnamese!

I am losing count of the different nationalities and I have long been asking myself a question that very recently dawned on me the United Nations should be both asking and creating fines for of the countries involved.

This is because I am myself what the fuck must be going on in each of these countries to make them want to flee their countries of origin?!

Really what? Why are more and more countries being added to this list and why is it that no matter what nationality is added, or what country, they are trying to get here?

A country that you not only have to sneak through several other countries to get to but is also an island!

My age old theory is that the government keeps talking complete bollocks about how well we are doing so the rest of the world's idiots think we have a magic wand.

Yet another pitfall of being dishonest and not moving at all towards being more transparent like they promised ... sorry, no, lied about.

Another line they will inevitably their to their arms about and state "well we are politicians! We lie! Surely you know that and expect that by now?!" to which the same idiots will vote the same liars in, no doubt, like they have done countless times beforehand.

All because of some lame fucking principle they believe in.

So what I find myself asking is instead of sitting on their backsides earning large salaries for doing nothing more than telling the press how horrific they find some countries actions, do something.

Go the the governments of the countries that these people are fleeing from and issue them with a fine for each and every member of their society they find trying to illegally enter another nation!

If it is because of a genuine reason of fear of death then do something about it. I state this purely for idiots and blinkered bleeding hearts but it won't be this because the press are all over them and I've not heard any.

So destitute they all speak English and ask own smartphones which I struggle to run and replace!
Their contacts in the UK are obviously doing fast better here than I have in thirty years and they must have been doing so for quite sometime!

No need for question marks sometimes because it's blatantly obvious and requires no proving. Just a matter of simple deduction based on ruling out the impossible.

For insurance and like I stated in a post after one BBC reporters interview who was rule by three they were going to Germany, UK and Spain respectively but failed to ask how they ask some such good English!

Let me guess? They are so destitute they all are multi-lingual?! They ask at least speak English as the number one language along with Italian, French, German and Spanish? Any others? Oh Greek too.
No doubt people will now be screaming soon that there must be hundreds of thousands of them that have got in? Based on the fact that a lorry was up the M1 somewhere it had gotten fucking far before someone noticed something?

Anyone heard of these new devices they have invented that capture bad guys in the act? I think they call then cameras?!

Each lorry, because they obviously can't be trusted, Jeremy Clarkson gets s reprieve on that one, gets fitted with two cameras, one in the cab and one on the rear. No one gets in without tampering and the driver cannot drive of without discovering this.

Cameras mandatory, no crossing a border if the camera or cameras are not working.
Digital cameras are a few quid each these days, hardly breaking the bank even at 100 units.
Also there are these other new ... really new clever devices called WIFI and Bluetooth! The cameras can send live digital video back to the companies that run the lorries. Or indeed, the Police or some border control.

It's not bloody rocket science is it now?

Or will the government go in the media to admit we are doing fucking shit in the UK and cannot afford the implementation of such devices which doubles up to going global and putting any would-be immigrants thinking of heading to the UK!

No operational camera then no entry, simple!

Meanwhile the lazy arses doing fuck all at the United Nations can get on with reprimanding, chastising, fining of the leaders, governments and tyrannical leaders (oh ... no Russians coming in I think! Lol) about their countries being so bad that everyone is fleeing to the UK. Or anywhere for that matter!

How long do you think you will wait before someone in the tabloids out TV news suggests something this simple and cheap a solution?

How long?

More importantly, how long after I have published this will someone suggest it or implement it?

Oh one more thing ... a fine for landlords renting out properties to illegal immigrants? Great news! But remember ... I like to be fair so ... this simply has to apply to local councils too!!

Because you cannot chastise one without the other!

However ... I don't think you need worry about local councils getting away with murder. Literally too. Just call this a hunch ... for the time being!

St Albans: M1 lorry found with 18 suspected illegal immigrants -

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