Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Here is a conundrum of my own design. OK, OK some of you may get it very quickly but for those that like puzzles ...

Guess who I sent the following email to?

It is the second one I have sent them ... well on THIS subject but I have also contacted them in the past ... distant past about ... other things.



Dear Sirs

In regards to the fact I reported that PC World are altering their records and losing ... well, purchases so that they pay less tax I am emailing you with new information.

As I reported to you they claimed to have no records of a third tablets when the truth is we have had no less than FOUR of them though one was an exchanged one in the first few days. I know it is rife in the UK that large retail stores are selling refurbished and used goods as new ...

I have already battled with Argos over this and they lost

I have proved that I have received a fair few items that are refurbished and sourced from overseas too and have documentation to prove it

I have been posting not just these revelations but many others too, and a great deal a way bigger deal than this one, on my blog

I also knew before I started all this 5 years ago with documentation that goes back twenty that when reported to the proper authorities, mostly ombudsman, nothing will occur. I stated this from the outset and then told people to keep coming back and watch as each one I contact not only does nothing but drops themselves right in it by not requesting the copies of the evidence, OOPS!

By doing this over a period of time I showed the visitors the truth which I had known about for years.

The fact is I discovered that my predictions what not nearly bad enough for what was really going on and i kept uncovering more things that were equally criminal and the fact that your wages are not worthy of NEW goods means that your wages and salary are not as high as the numbers suggest.

In other words one of the greatest deceptions towards any given populace for a very, very long time.

I can tell you that what I have already is a mountain and I am shortly going to add another mountain entirely with some pretty awful revelations  along with heinous crimes.

Think what happened to Rotherham Council and with my defendants who are about to have judgement passed upon them, not metaphorically speaking as I do mean a Crown Court judge, which includes one council, one Police Force, Cafcass and the Criminal Prosecution Service all together and all in one go after a legal battle that has lasted three years.

Despite the fact that my visitors are in the tens of thousands this is going to vastly increase over the next 6 months or so and then keep going.

I have been utterly stunned and disgusted at the amount of corruption and deception I have uncovered and in all honesty and out of 3 dozen organisations it has existed in one form or another or to one degree or another in every single one I have had the bad luck of having to deal with.

But I assure you on this and that was that starting 5 years ago I was fully prepared for the corruption and the deception, which includes the NHS and around 90% of GP Surgeries among others, and in a good position to shake each tree and stand beneath it collecting up all the fruit and secretly storing it all away to then publish it all one day and continue doing so.

Why, you may well ask?

To reach a point with each and every one of them that the amount of evidence and documentation provided by me renders it incontrovertible in each and every case.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Martin Haswell BSc

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