Friday, 10 April 2015


I get to put another government body to the test. One I have done before but only briefly and a fair while ago now, see below for details as to why and when!

This is an email I sent to HMRC!

Oh and they had limits of 2,000 characters in both fields for details...I guess they like things ... INTERESTING?! So some of what I put below got chopped off so I was not able to put the 'WOOLIES' up them!

Now I have thus far reported not one or two but now a third case of fraud to HMRC and the previous two I did not even get a response from.

One was an evil ex receiving money for children she did not have, though she was caught out and interviewed about this and let off with a warning, what idiots they are they have no idea who they let off! They will soon! Lol!

The other was the fact that invoices were being sent out that were fraudulent and this was the Debt Collectors, JBW Group, and Bailiff ... umm whatever his name was ... oh Jason Reeves acting on behalf of Waltham Forest Council when one item stated £400 that actually sold for £2,800. VAT on £400 is a fucking lot less than VAT on £2,800. This was also one of five items I was told sold for a total of £735 and included an Omega Seamaster Watch that alone was worth more that the total figure they gave me.

Also the fine was £550 which was for an old parking ticket. QUite conveniently I was reluctantly selling the most expensinve item to go private with an MRI to prove that the NHS were lying and falsifying test results.

I then had to spend several years proving this via other means and worked out to be very convenient for the NHS, DWP and Local council at the time. However I have now managed to turn this about face and alter it into their worst ever nightmares and fears. Even if they are blissfully unaware of this, they are not, they will not be before long.

This year of 2015 is when they all realise the road they are on leads to nowhere and I am waiting for them at the end with a fully loaded arsenal to blow each one of them out of the water and expose some very dreaful fraudulent activities and evil actions against those they are both tasked and paid to serve. The BRITISH PUBLIC!!

So very soon it is goodnight Vienna to one and all.

Now below is a report I have made out to HMRC via their website...AGAIN! Shall we see if I get ignored this time?!


I have had some odd things told to me by PC World over some transactions I know to be wrong, FACT.

They insist there is only two transactions for the same device when there are three and two were purchased together. Also and rather bizarre is along with 'LOSING' onne device they have also altered the amounts I paid on the two they do have records on. This would look less suspicious upon reporting as the figures were upped on the two they claim I bought.

So to summarise ...

I paid £160 for one.

I then paid £99.99 each for two and was paid £50 back into my Visa for mine at the same time.

They have all been back between two minimum and four times each and could be five.

My bank statement says I paid £130 and then was paid back £50 for one.

They insist I paid £129.99 and £179.99 and ...


Now you have to be very careful here.

Because of my blog where I have recorded fraud, tax evasion and large scale selling of refurbished goods as brand new items all of which have been faulty and I film, document and prove it using both my blog on corruption and my YouTube account.

I have also provided you with information in the past about Local councils hiring Debt Collectors, JBW Group and Waltham Forest Council, as I proved that they attacked me, knocked me to the floor...took £4,000 plus of goods for £550. Claimed they sold one item for £400, ergo paying tax on £400, but sold it for £2,800 and have witnesses to prove it. An email to prove it to and that does not include one item that is an Omega Seamaster Watch which itself would have paid the fine, I knew nothing about and was for a parking ticket.

I have had at least one MP who requested to use the data from my blog against Iain Duncan Smith in the House of Commons and tabloids/media from January 2013 and many other ... victims have been helped against government bodies and public services which even includes comments from a Vicar and his family thanking me for everything I have done. The NHS, the DWP, several councils (one just told in court they are going to be fined hundreds of thousands of pounds and then damages) and even the Police and higher forces than them and am in correspondence with the Investigatory Powers Tribunal too.

So this time do not ignore me or what I have provided as when I report things I post them online.

In excess of 200,000 people and about to go viral over the coming months and many ask....what are all these public services, Doctors, GPs, Specialists, Councils and all associated ombudsman being paid for they clearly do nothing.

Because I have exposed them for doing nothing, ignoring major crimes and government advisers and solicitors telling me no law has been broken and nothing they can do...

So instead I secretly recorded everyone and everything over a 7 year period and have documents going back twenty years.

I am going to make things very uncomfortable for a whole list of very big names over the coming months and already have. Top level staff pick up the phone to front line staff and even GP's to warn them at what I am doing and all inform each other. but you quite simply cannot stop me from what I am doing and I expose both corruption and fraud on scales most journalists could only ever dream of.

As I planned I was underestimated for several years while I was collecting evidence.

I can assure you that I am no longer underestimated and a large number of people would like to shake my hand.

Receipts have been vastly altered in this case and any idiot would know that there is only one reason this would take place.

I am also very concerned about the fact that my bank statements seem to say that I paid £130, when I did not, and then was refunded a price difference of £50 for an item that despite changing its price several times (£180, £160, £130, £99.99 and then up a couple of times) never went below £99.99.

I therefore could not possibly have paid £80 for an item that was £99.99 at it's cheapest price point!


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