Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Oh and just a quick one for the record ...

I have had nothing back from the Post Office regarding my complaint.


I then went back to a different Post Office and this time with my birth certificate along with all the others ... as well as my drivers licence which turned out was not out of date.

I handed them all over and what did they do?

They picked up my out of date passport and used that?!

Want to put that on here before the Post Office backs up the guy and claims that the passport is not a reliable form of ID, we KNOW its no longer a passport but that is not the issue here.

Plus the drivers licence is not out of date and a document that the DVLA told me in person, and yeah I have been in the building in Swansea, is not a form if ID and had kept telling the Post Office this but they just kept ignoring for years.

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