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Sort of.

There is a slight delay but ...


This is down to our lack of understanding how these processes work but the case is over.

However what starts now and somewhat confusing is a two week process to deal with the amount of compensation.

It's big.

But then maybe if I explain who now stands accused and some of the things that have been stated by those involved. I must emphasise that I do mean 'those' involved. You have no idea how many idiots I have had to deal with that say very stupid things.

Now I'm going to be somewhat conservative with the facts for now and I will endeavour to get a hold of the court paperwork. Then there will be an editing process before I post them up on here.

So those that have been accused and proven to have consulted  conspired, lied, given false reports and cover ups now follow and if your familiar with them all your going to have your foundations rocked to your cores ...

A Local Council

A Police Force

The Criminal Prosecution Service


Now what had been said..

They have consistently not complied with court orders.

They have deliberately tried to mislead.

They are hiding something huge and the court intends to find our what it is.

The head of the council is being subpoenaed to appear in court to explain why such terrible crimes have been committed.

The council, or councils, now have to completely change their entire social services departments.
My friend will never have to sorry about money every again. They are in line for a massive payout.

The legal team on our side are disgusted there was no Legal Aid for this case and have footed all the legal costs themselves for three years.

The court had never seen a case this serious and of this size before ever.

The local council sent this odd letter to my 'friend' to ask her to sue them, despite the fact they are in court against one another so a bit stupid.

The side the council decided to defend and team up with had a father of a child involved in all this and tried to kidnap him and got on a plane to Iraq with an illegally obtained passport, and yes that was when the passport office ground to a halt. They were not even arrested and were let go which led to a 48 hour manhunt.

Remember these were the people the council sided with. So as well as everything else a situation of extreme embarrassment is thrown into the mix here.

The victims of Rotherham Council are starting a two to three year legal case while ours has now finished.

Now I can assure the readers there will be a great deal more in the coming weeks and some edited court papers eventually.

These four organisations now go into the list that contained four already that I have beaten and the details of this case will hammer home everything I have ever done and said and finally kick start a faster rise in interest in what I do. Therefore helping even more people.

Hmm ... there was something else? Damn this Fibrofog.

Oh yes. The legal team wanted to go to the tabloids from day one. Not sure if they will now do this.
They said they had no idea how serious and just how big it would be even when they agreed to take it on and foot the bills.

Have agreed that the legal system in the UK is in an embarrassingly appalling state.

They stated in the beginning that I was a genius. Lol, God only knows what they think now and if they have not seen and read through this blog yet? LMAO! My appearance up there is certainly going to be interesting!

I am going to be requested to appear to there and it's not for my evidence. Unless, of course, that evidence is to do with a claim for me. Yet with what they are privy to and the fact I'm named throughout a 1,500 page file that goes back twenty years and that there are things in that file from me that never made it to there destination thanks once again to the council not standing accused.

From what I understand the fines to be handed out to each will be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

That was the final day of a five day court session of a case going on since the London Olympics, starting a little before our after the games, can't remember which.

I'll have more soon.

I must be appearing to be a God like being too Conspiracy Theorists about now?! Lmao!

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