Tuesday, 28 April 2015


A question often asked by those wanting to stop them and along with the lackeys and hired thugs that do there bidding without considering all the facts with a little common sense.

Well today I might well be able to tell you where some of them are after a phone conversation with a shocked person to tell me that when they arrived at court there was a load of people with those masks on!

A-a-hem! Whoops!

This person knew I had been in contact with them so thought "Oh I know who did this!", lol.

This contact is documented on here and I even wrote an article for them regarding the NHS. They even said they would pay me, so much per word for 2,000 words and I did not receive any money but then I did not care. I never expected to get paid for it anyway. I did it because I should...and because I could. Much like everything else.

It has to be admitted that this was a highly strange coincidence that after three years and on the third day of a final five day hearing with some pretty big revelations regarding our case that these masked people appear?

There does appear to be something regarding the Liverpool Echo newspaper about these people and I was told on the phone that there was some Police there and it sounded, we was brief, like there was a but of tension.


But then maybe it is not a coincidence?

I had predicted for some time now that the protestors would be out in larger numbers and maybe they have been but the national TV news networks were not covering these events for some reason?

Maybe having a hard time making space in between all the announcements about manufactured musical boy and girl band gossip for twelve year old girls?!


It looked like, when I gave it a quick read, they were there for other reasons but then if I was the leader of a protest group I would likely come up with cover stories to keep the pursuers of the group members guessing.

I have not ... advertised the times and the places but a group like Anonymous would be able to find out ... if left a few ... bread crumbs, lol.

They might have been Anonymous? But then Anonymous are anyone who agres with them and decides to actively do something about it. Of which there are different ways of doing things about something you feel strongly about.

Or in other words the hackers will ... hack. Everyone else will be involved in ... other things The media loves to call them "the Hackers, Anonymous" so everyone thinks they are made up purely of hackers.

Because many people think that if it ain't on telly it's not true and if it is on telly it must be true then, think that Anonymous are hackers. The truth is no one truly knows and as they are unlikely to appear in a TV show like HardTalk then your only going on what is suggested to you on TV.

I dare say that Anonymous would have one or two negative things to say about TV ... and the national tabloids along with the TV News Networks too?

I know I do.

I just have not said them just yet. Not fully anyway and the trap is still in place for them ... LMAO!

Two days left.

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