Friday, 10 April 2015


Mind boggling.

Things stated and promised in manifestos and pledges seen to become more and not bizarre and now going into the realms of ridiculous.

For instance let is look at the NHS. Whatever bad things have been going on in government organisations and public services have been going on for a bloody long time. Make absolutely no bones about that!

It's partly why I shake my head in disbelief in the idiocy and the show of amoral standards in stout and loyal voters to both the Conservatives and the Labour Party.

The NHS has been in trouble and to to no good fit a very long time, despite having no problems taking some effing big salaries and hundreds of them. Maybe thousands!

It was already on its knees when the Conservatives came to power who then kept kicking it while NHS bosses kept on milking it until it's now on its face. While lying to patients at every turn the while time unless it was something either terminal or unavoidably obvious.

It's current state after five years of the Conservatives is so laughably abysmal it borders on sad and unbelievable.

It has so tried to give the impression if his fantastic it is not helped by complete idiot journalists who should be ashamed to call themselves this due to their blinkered vision and naivety. Well that is an understatement because I sent them which details crammed into four DVDs three years ago to show them that the NHS and all other public services were rotten, corrupt, fraudulent towards the British public in not one but TWO WAYS and ineffective.

Anyone from any tabloid or TV News network that thinks otherwise I'd either completely stupid and blind and should find another career or taking money to talk them up.

Now after five years of the Tories you now get the promise of spending £8 Billion on the NHS by... err done date or other?!


What was wrong with the last five years? It's not spending, you DICK who normally uses this as ever other words spouted and the only one too in the House of Commons to attack Labour, it's saving you need to do!

Unfortunately they have decided to make the savings in all the wing places, as is usual throughout history, which did does nothing for those feeling the squeeze and they only try harder to not spend any money. For longer. And longer. Until five years has past and everyone who is an incompetent idiot in the cabinet or the house of commons scratching their heads saying 'derrrr we can't understand what we dub wrong!'

Once enough people realise bit just the truth but the attitudes they don't trust anything that's said. They don't believe anything. In fact I often imagine that this that believe what their beloved politicians of the parties they live it stick to are the same idiots who watch the bran dead drivel they dish out on the terrestrial channels about getting famous through talent shows or reality TV?
I think well there are enough idiots that like this mindless crap without a mind of their own or any intelligence that it makes sense that if they keep kissing the sweaty feet of those kicking them in the face and lying to them then no wonder the same two keep getting in power?!

It's just my bad luck that I know the truth about everything and everyone and have had these twisted kicks to the nether regions and watch them get voted back in power by the idiots themselves getting kicked but don't seem to look at who or why or even bother looking up to see who's boot is kicking them?!

Oh and the droning, lame and meandering excuses you here about and read about. Unbelievably stating without realising it their amoral attitude and their confessing to bring brain cell dead.
'Oooh I have sooo much going onnnn!'

'Oooh I have sooo much to think about!' Or too much.

'Oooh my job is sooo stressful I don't have time to think about these things!'

Of course all this goes out the window when they are kicked too hard and have a good idea of who just kicked them. Then they complain about everyone else not taking notice as they once did.

It's incredibly and laughably pathetic.

I might have not reached enough British people by the time the general election chines around.... MIGHT, but you can test assured that by the time the silk bed covers at Number 10 Downing Street rewrite their first or second clean that they will realise that I am gradually making it harder to ignore certain factors.

Oddly enough all of the national news media should have king size raised this but they don't. Because when they're not running an alternate but similar story to one of mine or a mirror image, if you prefer, to one of mine....err or one of mine they are harping on in tabloids or guests on a TV News programme and sounding must as clueless to what they sound like the last time?! Normally praising some public service, despite a long list of shocking revelations for like forever, or other high society group that's otherwise all over the Internet with some very shocking and depraved revelations linked and shown in such a way you just know they are true or have a strong element of truth to them!
But the legal system today has nothing to do with justice at all and this another thing I will be calling foul on very soon.

What it is that will get revealed will have very powerful knock on effects, well unless Britain truly is as accused a nation fill of evil, corrupt and amoral people as the communists and terrorists have always claimed is to be! These knock on effects will effect most of who I have dealt with on here.
It will be the most revealing evidence of a victory to what is the most horrific and heinous of acts that continued for a very long time indeed. It also has several other things I revealed on here linked directly to it and that those found guilty, trust me they have already been told they have been, will corroborate absolutely everything else I have ever worked on.

This is most certainly TV news worthy and then some.

So the revelations along with the list revealing all others involved which are.... hmm let me think, to of my head no less than SIX let's say ORGANISATIONS that will come off very badly and look not just damned but sinking to the bottom of the abyss faster that a lead brick!

Then there will be the INEVITABLE questions asked by many who read it about other organisations. 

Like ...

'What the fuck are the news media STILL PLAYING AT?!'

'What the fuck are all the ombudsman playing at?!'

'What the fuck is the British legal system playing at and his are you supposed to enforce musk behaviour with the joke that the legal system now is and what the FUCK are The Law Society and the Solicitors Regulatory Authority playing at?!'

So that's five more industries to add to the six directly linked to the victory about to take place!

Eleven. Yes eleven! All in one go, all at once and all smashed with the mightiest of sword blows that will reverberate for years!

When the most fantastical and horrific of my revelations are realised to have just gone through one hell of a legal battle that has those involved all reeling with what has unfolded.

Make absolutely no mistake on this.

I am expecting a phone call in a few weeks time giving me a final date.... and a LOCATION!

I have wondered several times whether my head will stop spinning once I am right there in the thick of it for the final death throws of the battle long since fought?

I hope so! I might need my which thinking, reactionary and super smart thinking cap on for a whole bloody list of immediate problems that will need dealing with.

Some evil worms with leech like behaviours will threaten to emerge from their usual places under stones and rocks! Not if I leap on those rocks first they bloody well won't! Or better still set up a series of traps yet again?

One of these would be on private things to a member of the public and on this in his sure of the legalities? Considering the crimes and allegations they're should be no question of or being legal, this much I can say.

Well it should not be too long before I know. Maybe a date will be forthcoming in a month or two? Then I can announce that date on here for the biggest of all my revelations?

Meanwhile I will be watching,  listening and reading to see if naivety in the UK is still paramount.
Amazing how they will do a u-turn on something they agonist destroyed sharing that they knew the majority of the public did not approved of what they did and did it anyway. Not they know their losing their jobs they offer to make it so better?

Do you really bloody believe and but this bullshit?! Really?!

Election 2015: David Cameron confirms £8bn NHS pledge -

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