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Not quite so critic that title.

Well Easter has just gone and May is the general election month but has a double meaning due to the link below... that would be Queen guitarist Brian May and he confirmed what I already suspected about him so he is a good 'Egg'! Lol!

Yes I know, dreadful!

However what I wanted to pay briefly about is what is said in the link below.

On the BBC News there was a debate of what they referred to add celebrities, though in all fairness I had not heard of one of the three. An FA director or something called Heather and the other was Peter Stringfellow.

Now Stringellow's comments were a bit brain dead to be honest but never thought much of him anyway. His idea of how society should be is an ancient out of date one based on animal instincts when we live in a society where these are supposed to be controlled and not down, hence why we have laws and rules based on fairness.

But his IFRS seems to be one that gives me a vision of an alpha male, or female, that has cheated, destroyed and killed and stands atop a pile of dead bodies they eliminated to get to the top, covered in blood and snarling.

Despite the fact that business remains like this, and I've exposed and pointed out enough cheaters on here and some even on TV portrayed as business experts but are nothing of the kind, all other areas of society the rules are strict and tight. The penalties severe and unforgiving and even the same crimes committed by such and powerful who get away with them have others that commit them have a tonne of bricks and the law books thrown at them, locked up and the key thrown away.

But I now turn to Brian May, a guy of intelligence and with at least one passion I myself share with him and even own a book he co-wrote on the subject claiming while, animated, it states but I never watched the programme, stating that the poor should not be the ones to pay with austerity?!
I simply knew he was a cool headed dude!

Still cannot get over one of my brothers turning down an offer from him and his daughter to join his daughter's new band! Sheesh! That occurred in the infamous guitar shop in Denmark Street of Charing Cross Road in the west end. Whatever you do if you try out s guitar in there do NOT play Stairway To Heaven, you will get yourself thrown out! Lol!

Hmm still a few weeks to go and with my little self possibly being out of town at the time to have ... meetings with legal teams, Judges and Compensation Clerks, or whatever they are called, and compiling his and what I am going to release on here and how the heavens open for all of my enemies.

If you have not been following these are a long list of public services, government organisations and private companies (of the household name varieties) I gathered so much evidence of corruption on it tipped over 100GB months ago.

Please try to keep up. Lol!

In fact seriously this might be a good idea as it's now inevitable that this is going to come thick and fast very soon. From the end of this month (April 2015) the first of a long list of posts regarding the most shocking corruption which will completely vote the heavens wide open for local councils everywhere, Police Forces everywhere, organisations supposed to be protecting children everywhere, the news media, the legal system, legal aid along with all the ombudsman associated with them along with the Criminal Prosecution Service, the DWP, PC World and the Investigatory Powers Tribunal and a few other things in the pipeline I have forgotten about.

The details regarding this outcome asking with the sentencing that I have been told is certainly assured will drive 6 inch nails on gold plaques into everything I have ever done on here and river stamp my endeavours into the hall of fame and strike living fear into the stragglers who keep avoiding my jabs, like the NHS, still under the delusion that they are more powerful than me, smarter than me and in a better position than me...

Well that is what I wanted everyone to think until this largest of dominoes teetered over the edge and stated its show animated fall into the depths of hell taking the biggest organisations down with it while sweeping up others along its path down into the fiery brimstone smelling pits.


I stated on here as a message to those I have no doubt view this site for clues and ideas to beat off my advances that if you concentrate on one hand the other will strike you in the temple when you least expect it and so hard that you will be rendered unconscious and unable to defend yourself from either me or the public.

Once published then another industry... and by this I mean the entire industry has spent three years walking into... no sleep walking into the most genus and intricate of traps and this is the News Media. Both TV and tabloid news and journalism when everyone asks ...

Wait? You were all sent these details on this case just won hands down single handedly and you did not even bother to answer this guy? Despite you all reporting on a case linked to it on your front pages a year after this guy informed you about it? That being absolutely mind boggling alone and serious questions need to be asked regarding incompetence and possible corruption widespread thought the news media but you ignored everything else too and possibly stole all his stuff? Are you even aware of plagiarism?

Umm I shall state that in the beginning I said you can take my stuff and use it as you see fit... If you are a victim or can help someone who you know is a victim.

Taking my endeavours and making them your own to make a name for yourself and make lots of money and selling newspapers and getting higher TV ratings... well to make money was not part of the deal and this is obvious.

The fact I knew you would both do it, not mention me and contribute to ignore me I was already aware would happen.

Did I not mention that to beat opponents that think they are so smart and deserving is to continue to let them think this way while ago the time leading them down a long dark path that one they realised what was going on it would be far too late and they could NEVER find there way back?

Did I not make this clear?

Ooh dear! Sorry about that!

Back to Brian May and I am right behind him on his thoughts on this but I'm not sure his animated debating week be rewarded by End Milliband and the Labour Party. Because on Tony Blair and because of too many broken promises. I do tend to agree with UKIP on a couple of things but will Nigel Farage think out of date thoughts like Stringellow? Especially on the welfare state? Or are his claims about getting the British people mean everything and across the board?

Election 2015: Famous faces spar over May 7 vote -

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