Monday, 20 April 2015


I was absolutely stunned to see this report in the BBC and it as if someone is attempting to goad me?!
Along with my skills in IT and computing, among many others, another life long subject cost to my heart are amphibians.

The report found in the link below states they have discovered a transparent frog called a Glass Frog?
Umm ... NO. Just, NO!

The Glass Frog family if Centrolenella are transparent and I have loved them since I was a kid nearly forty years ago! So, no! Lol! What is more is there is another family found also in South America called Sphaenorynchus, unless they changed the Genus (family) name, and these are transparent too. I cannot recall how many species there are in the latter but the former contains several species known for years. Given enough time I could probably think of others too?

So yes, you can imagine I was puzzled to read this?


A new Glass Frog is exciting news but not a frog with transparent skin found. Clueless journalists.
New glass frog with translucent skin found in Costa Rica -

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