Monday, 27 April 2015


How bizarre?

I heard of this...letter signed by business owners, an open letter, stating that the Conservative Party should be able to finish what they started?

So you should vote them back into power for the next 30 years then?! Lol!

This letter is also supposed to be regarding small businesses but I'm afraid that the one person that came on TV and spoke was not a good representative of small businesses, despite what she said.

Her name was Jo Malone and I'm afraid it was quite laughable to listen to her and I wonder if she had thought about what she was going to say?

She owned a business age then sold to a larger firm, so obviously made a lot of money. Then she claimed that she opened a single store, so a small business, to help the country? A single store? Oh well, crisis over then? I also think she was arrogant and not to mention thoughtless about people who own a small businesses when she is obviously not in the same boat as many small businesses.

Because the majority... no the vast majority of small business are living on the breadline and don't have a bulging bank account from selling a previous company to a large chain.

She also stated that no one else represents Britain, foolish and obvious to most that this is wrong, and that she would not want to live in a country that does not have the Conservatives in power?!

In business sometimes you can just get lucky. It's not all about hard work despite what they say. Luck of the draw is a lot to do with it or maybe she knew what she was doing with her first business and knew all along that she was creating a company that this particular larger company would come along and pay a lot of money for?

Sometimes it's also about the right thing for the ever changing market at the right time. Although it is possible to predict that this is only a tiny fraction of the time and the rest your just shooting on the darkness. If this was not the case then what would this day about the business owners that have gone bust and this that are struggling?

If these were chain stores then yes they knew what they were doing, astute when it came to business sense and then one day turned into blithering idiots without a clue?

The world and the UK especially is far too full of these 'entrepreneurs' who got lucky and then think they are the Stephen Hawkin of the business world!

The funny thing is that Jo Malone appeared on the TV to state these things and I sat there and wondered how in the world she thought she was helping the Conservatives by saying the things she did? Lol.

One of the major problems in the UK comes down solely on the use of taxes. The end! Money is being wasted, to much is paid to too few, task forces, ombudsmen and governing bodies are not doing their jobs. The same is true for the public services.

That problem could be used to explain why must of the populace don't trust anything or anyone and not spending money, if they have got any that is. It may also explain why the majority of those that pay more taxes do their utmost not to pay it?

I would find it hilarious if Jo Malone was ever found out for doing this after her during remarks about but wanting to live here with anyone else other than the Tories because they are the only ones that care about Britain?

I would then ask if she was able to live with herself? Lol!

Maybe if the country was more efficient with the taxes and everything was run properly those that parter higher taxes would be happy to pay them and not do everything to avoid them?

Also and I cannot remember the question but a woman in the studio, cannot remember her name either, she her a fair question and she replied "I'm not going to answer that". Lol.

My word. What utter idiots there are that seem to think that a bit of luck has somehow managed to work winners with both their IQ and wisdom?

Now that is a country that I am getting fed up with living in!

Did somebody erase the world 'humble' from all their Oxford Dictionaries?! Lmao!

I'm now interested in reading The Daily Telegraph's article but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll forget?! Lol! Mostly interested in what they say about the letter.

I don't know the political leanings of all the tabloids and to be honest I simply don't care. Because it comes down to those terms I hate the most and they really are not relevant anymore due various reasons. In fact someone I know who is, or was, extreme left wing asked me his I could hate the political terms that I do, like 'right wing' and 'left wing'. I simply said ..

"Why does everything have to be one or the other?! What if I agree with some from one camp, done from another and also disagree on one subject with both of them?"


Election 2015: Conservatives backed in small firms' letter -

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