Thursday, 2 April 2015


Odd that they speak about how inhuman or is to refuse treatment to non British people and yet the subject of British people being refused not only treatment but the diagnosis in the first place!

I always find these debates confusingly bizarre because they always shite that they know very little about what is really going on or just simply ignore it.

I also don't like the fact that the audience gets to ask questions because they appear to be in the same boat as knowing very little. There are plenty that know a hell of a lot and yet they ate nowhere to be seen...or heard, even.

The other thing I find bizarre is that they attacked someone for being inhuman who has managed to get more in the way of support from the British public than anyone else outside of the big three and even managed more votes than them on occasion! So do attack him with these accusations and labels is to also do the same to an ever growing support. Facts are facts, no matter what they sound like and you can't cover facts up because you don't like the sound of them. Cuts that affect the British public seem less offensive than one that affect those here illegally or non British people and that is wrong.
I I know that for done time now it's been grossly unfair to the British people in the UK and I cannot help but wonder if this is unique to us, if so then why and how?

If it is not unique to us then I am interested to know what other countries have seen this odd reversal in priorities from the natives to the non-native populations.

It's wrong because it's stinky not fair and there had to be rains for this and it's that simple. Just making it fair again is not enough for me as someone, or a group of people knowingly let the British start to suffer and decided to let to them and chest them while even blaming them for the troubles at the same time.

Those that cannot see this or refuse to see this are both brain dead, lacking a subdue compassionate bone in their body and in pursuit of sound bites and false images of their personalities.

It is a shame this blog is not a year older as I would be teaching... oops I meant reaching but 'teaching is OK', people in numbers that would definitely make a difference.

Of course I am referring to Nigel Farage being honest but it being twisted to make him look bad.
All I can think is that they are absolutely terrified of him and his party because even those totally opposed teamed up against him.

Admittedly I did not watch it all and only saw the highlights, which once again appeared to mainly put Nigel Farage in a bad light. I presume that in the two hours some other things got talked about?
I wonder if he knew before he took his place in the debate that it was not just everyone else in the room he was up against but also those that set up this thing along with the group that was paying cost attention to it, the news media? Lol!

That must have been a very lonely place to be. If I was to advise him I would state considering what I often do. That is that you can try and help people and give them the truth and they state that they want the truth but that at times I wonder if they do. Because they keep voting for the same liars and the reasons are irrelevant, totally and completely. Especially the two brain dead reasons like " he looks like a Prime Minister more so than the other one" and "well I've always voted for them" and any others there will inevitably be out there. Of course there are also the naive ones too, lol. In the event things went badly I would give up if I were him.

You can lead horses to water and all that.

I envy the Scots as they have Nicola Sturgeon and no one wants to through mud at her hoping it sticks. But then maybe she is naive about certain things? I simply do not know. But at least they have someone looking out for Scottish people. Wales seen to have someone too?

Everyone else seems to wasn't too make friends with the myriad of groups within English society instead of just the English. Nor is anything I've seen based on fairness while being humane at the same time. Quite the opposite in fact. Not heard anything like this from Nigel Farage but that does not mean to say they're isn't. Or that he has beliefs or plans I don't agree with. But then I'm far from knowing them all anyway. And we all know why that is?! Because any coverage he gets is about the mud. Out trying to twist something he stated to make him look bad.

How about asking him about other things for a change instead of the same old shite?

Hmm you could be forgiven for thinking I am accusing the News Media of not properly informing the British public on various issues? Week you would be forgiven because you would be correct. Lol!

Jesus Christ strike me dead there are over four more weeks of this and ask we will hear is David Cameron this and Ed Milliband that and who they are going to get into bed with.

I would dealt love an office to the election that made most of them look like idiots and eat humble pie! By idiots I mean the three major parties and ask if the journalists and media. Would love to see them all proven wrong! You could vie for Santa Clause for all I care as long as they are all proven wrong!!

Then I could really turn my planned attention to them with some real gusto?! Lol!

Now where did I put that cryogenic stasis chamber I bought from a boot sale?! Lmao!

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