Saturday, 2 May 2015


My word, I was speeches and frozen momentarily.

I saw this kind about a whole load of children's services being done for fraud and I thought it was out story.

Turns out it's Norfolk!

So three councils this far with Rotherham, Norfolk and Wirral. The latter being the one I'm involved in indirectly at the moment which also includes Merseyside Police, the Criminal Prosecution Service and Carcass.

I'll have to look further to see what it was the fraud involved.

It's been a weird free days too.

The stoned feeling I have been getting in the afternoons may not be the blood pressure pills, Amlodopine, after all. I have run out of them and not taken any for a couple of days and still get that stoned feeling.

It is bloody typical that I think the offending drug is the one I took myself off one already and the one I keep being given because they refuse to give me either of the two drugs that are better, Pregabalin and Sodium oxybate. The latter being the only drug to actually deal with the core problem of Fibromyalgia.

So the culprit may well be Gabapentin which I had also upped to 600mg because I ran out of 100mg pills and have plenty of 300mg pills.

I also have fallen more severely than normal and with an increased frequency. Crashing, literally, against magazine racks twice in one day even.

Another time it was to do with my ankle pain. Normally this is at its worse when descending steep stairs. It can happen on a flat surface but it's rare. Stairs are it's problem. But not this time.

I was walking across the Tesco car park in my town centre walking towards my GP surgery. A rare occasion when a woman smiled at me from the driver's seat of her car and I just smiled back automatically and .. BAM! I went down on my left side like a sack of potatoes when my left Achilles tendon snapped suddenly and I had the worst pain I've had so far in one of these snap attacks.
How embarrassing, lol.

I've also had a call from the surgery requesting I go in because the GP wants to see me. I find this odd because the last four GP Surgeries I have had combined have not contacted me as much as they have, bite seemed anywhere near as concerned. Looks even stranger considering I'm only speaking of my time in Enfield and that's 8 years almost and 8 months with the current GP only.

You can add the ten years with the previous GP too as in all that time they never contacted me as much as my current GP.

Norfolk County Council staff disciplined over fraud -

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