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This and the following post was accidentally posted in my British Wildlife blog.

In case you had not realised I am quite knowledgeable in a great number of things, many of them sciences like Ichthyology, Batrachology, Herpertology, Orchidaceae, Carnivorous Plants, Astronomy and Astrophysics.

I am also knowledgeable in a number of other fields too like Wing Chun Kung Fu, Mountain Biking and a few others.

I have a dozen blogs and only this one is the miserable one and only because not only does someone have to do it but I seem to be the only one able to do it. If you do not know what I mean you might want to do a search for solicitors, the legal system, British justice, human rights and the news media.

I am the only one I know that has managed to get so much information, data and secretly recorded audio on so many corrupt public services, organisations and private companies. I am certainly the only one to get so much in such a short space of time and without any help or resources.

I can also quite easily prove that I posted this the day and time that I did, lol.

Anyway here is the post:

I had a friend round tonight for several hours.

We talked about the election and her said he voted UKIP. So did I, I told him, and sixty percent of the people I spoke to. The rest Labour until a mate I had not seen in awhile said he thought if he voted UKIP he would let Joan Ryan in. Is shocked to hear she was standing after the expenses fiasco?!

Unfortunately one mate did the same thing he did in the European Elections and said UKIP for months but once in their voted Conservative.

Now before I get into the very bizarre question I want to put ... 'Out there' I will tell you that my daughter voted Labour because idiots said UKIP was a wasted vote. Labour. The people that started screwing over benefit claimants before Cameron got in. I said something to my daughter that I noticed when I voted and that my friend Jeff noticed it and she replied asking the lines of "oh my God, I noticed that too!"

The thing that at least the people noticed I spoke to?

Why were they using PENCILS in the polling stations?

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