Thursday, 14 May 2015


Noo ... not that type of virgin, lol.

It seems Virgin Media have struck again.

I knew my very first bill must have been due so intended to phone them today to pay it, as if you recall I cannot access my Virgin Media account online as I seem to have the wrong password and then it tells me there is no one with my email address on their records when I click forgot password!

Also I attempted to create the account again but then it tells me that there is someone with my email who already has an account?!

In twenty years this has never happened to me before ... ever.

I then went to check an email they sent me about when the bill was due and found the email in my billing folder, only when I opened it up it turned out to be the first bill?! Quite how that happened I do not know and was scratching my head over it.

Only when I looked at the amount what was first I expected to be £28.99 which I later found out would be around £32 actually ended up at £88 something?!

Now before you wonder ... I do not have any TV package at all. In fact though I have a phone line I did not even want that! Why they force you to have the phone line when you want broadband only I do not know ... another excuse to get your bill up no doubt? But it seems they do not want excuses as they have raised it to over double what I thought it would be anyway!

I then spoke to a lady on the phone so that I could pay and guess what? She could not access my account either?!

Virgin Media you could not possibly wish for a worse first impression than the one I have had from you and I am now dying to see what you respond with as regards my letter of complaint. In fact it is now bloody hilarious that the complaints have now doubled in number since I wrote that letter!

After coming of the phone I looked at the bill again. As it turns out the bill appears to state that it is for a two month period, a bit odd I must say. Also this £88 odd also seems to be with two figures for credit, one at £25 and one at £5.50!

It turns out that the £25 paid in store was for half the fee of installation and not the full cost?! Nice, I was never told this at any point!

Bearing in mind that the speed of the service was a little over half what they stated when I purchased the service and that was only for the two week cancellation period and the moment that went by it dropped by an even bigger percentage then the first!

I paid for 50MB/s and it worked at around 34MB/s for two weeks and then dropped to around 6MB/s and yet the whole time the upload has been dreadful. Working at 3MB/s to begin with and that dropped to a little under 1MB/s!!


Here are some edited bill pages ...

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