Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Well things just get stranger and stranger.

First I hear that the Conservatives have let cameras into the cabinet meeting with a claim that it was to show there are women in it. Lol.

Then I see this report about a rally ... or protest whereby Charlotte Church mad get feelings well and truly known about the Conservatives being back in power.

The sheer speed of which people and groups have aired their utter disgust, shock, surprise and concern that we have a majority Tory government have been staggering.

I myself am still in a state of shock and wondering how it could have possibly happened and I think about how odd it was that I noticed pencils being used at the ballot box to cast your vote.

I simply did it a struggle to imagine how they could possibly rig a general election. Maybe I am wrong but those ballot boxes sit there until 10pm at night. Then there is not long before they are being counted.

It just seems a totally impossible task to use a rubber eraser and remark ask the those papers. It would be easier to just swap piles of papers for ones prepared beforehand.

I just think how bloody odd it was to choose to use pencils that made me wonder why they would do that and the unusual outcome of the general election which itself is being backed up by the amount if ill getting regarding the result.

The other thing I noted was that this rally was a Welsh one. I had expected to hear of a Scottish protest and a big one at that. But then maybe they are still frozen to the spot in front of their TV with their chins on the floor that the dressed Tories are back in with a majority?


It has only been a few days and I have not been paying close attention to the news reports, it must be said. I think that may change now as it is becoming clear that I could be missing things?

The Tories have only just taken their seats in the cabinet and a couple of protests have taken place. They are nowhere near even drawing their foot backwards before sticking the boot well and truly in. The best part and the bit I am longing to hear is how they think they are justified in doing it. That is what I predict to be the day of their comeuppance.

Firstly because they have put the bit in way too much and then giving it a bloody strong swing.
Adding insult to injury will be how those guilty of the messes we are in to go six years our more without paying for their over confident incompetence.

Now what I would say to morons that want to blame financial difficulties on things not even remotely responsible using money not even close to what is owed is this ...

So you get rid of the welfare state altogether by 2016 then who pays next time this happens because the fact they have gone unpunished means that they surely will do this again?!

This is after all why we have laws and we issue both fines and prison sentences, is it not?

Someone I know just today stated that as a species we have made it repeatedly clear that we are unable to govern ourselves.

Another person I know on Facebook, and a physiotherapist, for into a rage in their status about how everything in this country is rotten and corrupt everywhere they look and are sick to death of it.

The shock and angry reactions to the general election is not confined to the news media. In fact I am extremely suspicious of what the new media report on and have had suspicions going back more than ten years. Many things worthy of mainstream TV news go unreported.

This is something I have been working on for a number of years now and many things take ages while others take an eternity and there is no way around this. The good thing about those things that take a very long time is that there is no way out when the deed is indeed done.

Or as I have often referred to it as long before I started up the blogs ...

No margin for error allowed.

It is certainly going to be an interesting summer that is for sure and it will be full of little surprises and shocks and by the time the Autumn arrives the bigger picture will most certainly have s far greater clarity than it had for a long time.

Something the British people surely need, even those that wasn't to plug their fingers into their ears before la-la-la'ing because they don't want to know the truth.

If you don't want to know the truth then you have absolutely no right to an opinion. If it were down to me you would forfeit your right to a vote too.

Because you cannot possibly make an educated guess at who should run the country if you flatly refused to listen to how badly it is run and has been run.

I wouldn't ask a blind man what colour my car is.

What I thought was funny was this term 'champagne socialist' used by someone to describe her. Funny I never heard anyone call Tiny Benn 'castle living leftie'?! Lol!

At least when I state that someone had no right to an opinion I use an educated and very good reason. No name calling!

'Champagne socialist' Charlotte Church 'more of a prosecco girl' - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-32708630

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