Sunday, 10 May 2015


Well I told a few friends there would be a lot of trouble.

I never expected it to occur anywhere near this rapidly!

I have barely had time for the surprise of a Conservative Party majority in the general election to sink. I had only just told two friends hours earlier in the day there would be trouble and I saw a report that stated there had been trouble somewhere.

I did not catch the full report and only guessing it was this report below in the link?

I am somewhat stunned and shows not only how high the feelings are that the Conservatives are back in power.

One would hope that an it of date party with it if date views and ideas that have proved so unpopular over the years that they would decide to change into something more modern? A party that ditches it's old ways and adopts something more ... forward thinking?

Many reading this who are anti Conservative Party would think, fat chance! Lol!

The other odd thing is how someone who had just been voted in can incite such bad tempers in such a short time?

Is there any entry in the Guinness Book of Records for something like this? Lol.

The worry for me was that they would then think they had carte-Blanche to squeeze those already dry even harder for more blood. When there isn't any!

As stated this outcome of the general election will not affect me and even if they decided to squeeze harder they simply no longer have the time to affect me and my life anymore.

This will become apparent during 2015.

However, what I do feel for are those that will get affected by their continued arrogance and lack of balls to make those ultimately responsible to pay for it.

In fact I find it kind of a cruel trickery and arrogance in all honest. This is because I had no idea how much money we owed, not even close and would have been top topic of my conversations in the five years before the financial crisis started when I tried to tell people, friends and family it was coming within five years and everyone thought I was mad.

Yes siree, this is true. They did. I am sure many readers would have thought the same thing about things I divulged on here ... well, were it not for the fact I spent year after bloody year gathering documents, screen-shots, emails, secretly recorded audio of meetings/conversations/appointments/phonecalls and all other things besides to show you before being labeled as mad.

If your thinking I'm mad and did not realise there was proof ... well for the love of God, use the search function before casting doubt and stones! Lol!

So going with the fact that not many people knew how much we owed I find it some cruel 5 to 10 year kick in the nuts to those unaware of this. The fact that it was the banks and rich and powerful playing loose with money that is not theirs and shown they are as thick as shit just adds insult to injury. It gets worse right down to a third tier when they just want to carry on add before and this is where, once and for all they are not just wrong but willing to do it all again and make the same people pay. Well, because they can.

To give you an idea I had a very odd couple of disagreements with an idiot who thinks he is the brain of Britain and is so not even close. In fact he has not even the credentials to have a conversation with me.

What did he say, I hear you ask.

Week the first disagreement was that he stated that I should leave my body to science. I stated that they had their chance and that I was not going to let another twat Doctor claim a nobel prize, or whatever, by cutting up my body. They had their chance.

Disagreement number one was him stating I was wrong because I could help other people.

Two minutes later he tells me that unless you can afford it you should not be given help with legal representation via Legal Aid?! I was about to explain that he had, for the umpteenth time I might add, contradicted himself inside of two minutes.

I was cut off by a shop owner because we were in his store and I was so angry at his stupidity and his love of confrontation to the point of contradicting himself and that I did not notice customers in the store.

This is someone who had been trying to find a way of getting Personal Independent Payments, has a mental health issue but claims he has not and a was a thief and a burglar in his past! I kid you not. No he is not a friend. Well not since I worked out every single thing about him many months ago, though he is utterly clueless about this. Which is typical of him as he thinks everyone else is an idiot.

In fact he also has this unusual peculiarity that, outside of animals which he is not very good with, he has no interests.

And I do mean no interests.

Think of anything a guy would be into ... any sports? No. Music? No. Computers? No. Drugs? No. Films... err NO! No films at all in any genera. One day I asked him what he was into and he says "nothing really, just animals" which as stated he is not very good at. More on that later in the year.
In fact I am dying to ask him why he was a thief and why he is a burglar because he is not on drugs, had no interests at all and lives in a council flat in a tower block!

What I have noted about him is that he thinks it is perfectly normal to overhear a conversation others are having about things he thinks he knows about and interrupts and tells them they are wrong, ending up with a lady who was not told she was wrong telling him to mind his own business!

I was telling a friend of mine, who this guy was creakily craftily trying to meet, about him and they said "He is a nutter, don't bloody tell him where I live!" and I said "yeah like I would tell anyone where you live, especially a nutter!"

Unfortunately until a few things come together I am stuck here and forced to have to deal with him. Unfortunately he is rather rudely upsetting my routine and has done since his usual ... haunt closed down. But then he ended up owing other people I know money because they let him take things and owe them and he never went back. Had no intention of paying.

Yes this guy states that no one deserves legal representation.

Quite good his brain hadn't worked out that as well as this being wrong but also with no legal representation through lack of funds then those with money and power will get away with murder. Well everything else but murder. Well actually ... no, murder to at times.

All because he died bit believe that money that's not his should be paid out?!

Oh yes and another of his little gems is stating that no matter what disability you have, if you get £5.00 a week then you should not complain?!

A guy trying to cheat the system for his own end while climbing ladders thinks that if somewhere wheelchair bound gets just £5.00 each week this is OK and they should not complain?!

Now what do you think? Nutter, much? Lol!

On this particular subject I have not even mentioned all the details and some will live you dragging your chin along the pavement for a couple of weeks.

However I intend to use him, who features heavily on here from 6 months or more ago, and what he did to embarrass yet another large public service who ... did not deal with the situation correctly at the time.

So I will do it for them and use this revelation to hugely embarrass them in a way that they will never live down for a decade.

If you want a clue ... well another one of the same service is about to be taken to the cleaners in court.
But which court?


I would have liked to have thrown him among these protestors while spouting his two faced crap, they would have ripped him to pieces. Lol.

He is the very essence of a walking contradiction the likes of which you have never seen. More about that in a few months time.

Police arrest 15 in anti-austerity protest in London -

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