Thursday, 28 May 2015


I have been lending one ear to the fiasco... or latest fiasco I should say regarding FIFA.

It has astounded me how widespread the criticism of FIFA is from both ex professional players, UEFA and others.

Yet still that bumbling man who looks like he could play the part of a Godfather in a gangster movie struts around like nothing has happened. When he does speak he tasks about rebuilding trust?!

I have never seen such a good example of anyone in such high authority and position to literally talk as if they think all football fans are just fickle idiots. He might have well have said "Oh as soon as the season starts and their teams are doing well everyone will first this happened and we will go back to normal"?

Also bloody funny is how he states he cannot see everything that's going on. But the corruption has been rife, there will no doubt be more and even be admits this. don't need to see all of the corruption Mr Blatter but with so much going on even if unaware of it you would have to be both blind and stupid to not see or hear of bit over single solitary thing!?! Or in other words...

To the that stupid and blind one had to ask when it is you do, do and surely you are not so stupid as to see that your position had king since become untenable?

But like a radius rabid Limpit toy doggedly refuse to move. But by all means, hand on in there. I am dying to see what the opinions will change into when your ignoring everyone and talking like they are all idiots, I really am!

However I think there is also a lot more to come out of this yet because according to this BBC report they state that Sepp Blatter, or Sausage in Batter as I will now call him, has the majority of the football heads behind him, one being Russia who recently got to host something, can't remember what, lol!

Well before long I expect journalists to start asking questions about these heads that seem to eat to back him? Because these guys themselves will start to look suspicious and each one will not just have the world's journalists looking at them with a high level of scrutiny but even their own journalists too.
But then they do not have to worry about their own TV News people and national tabloid journalists because they may control them?

The funny thing is that with enough pressure from journalists from other nations it might just also shite to that these news groups are being controlled?!

It is an odd set of possibilities that could arise so because All Capone...sorry Sausage in Batter, sorry Sepp Blatter refuses to budge from his throne.

I think it will be very interesting to see how this unfolds?

I had also been wondering how the Americans could go barging into buildings in not only another country and not only one in Europe but in Switzerland, famously neutral since World War 2, of all places?

What I read of their response when this was inevitably out to them was very interesting indeed!
They warned Europe about what was going on and what warned them that if they failed to stand up and do something that they would!

And now they have done that they warned Europe about.

But what does this say about Europe and the European governments that they failed to act? Well in my opinion, nothing good!

Now the way I see it, it comes down to one of two possibilities and that is first off everyone is scared of Sepp Blatter and FIFA in Europe? Or so much corruption is going on throughout Europe with all its governments that it's like adopted the attitude that they could hardly do something when they have done worse?! Or perhaps FIFA has collected dirt on them all?! Lol!

But then I'm reminded that this is America who have acted we are talking about. Corruption and secret hostile take overs of foreign companies and economies to then sell them all your faulty returned crap...sorry I mean goods, lol! Well they sell their crap in the UK at least and I simply do not know if it goes on elsewhere.

I also do not know if the refurbished goods sold here are sourced from countries other than America? I simply don't know. I just have proof that one of the six refurbished items sold to me as new cave from America.

If you missed it that argument ended up with me being taken to court to extort money it of me over it. I warned them they would not win but they thought themselves a big company and me a Minnow.
Only this Minnow then turned into a Barracuda and chewed them to bits, spat them out and won without leaving my sofa, despite the court being 90 miles away.

Do you know they then lied about what the court has decided?! Yup treated me like some sort of twat and said the court have me four weeks to pay. I said that this was strange as according to my calculations and documents the city told them to fuck off and cone back with better evidence as I proved write wait they lied and that they actually had 14 days left of the 28 days the court gave them to answer?!

Would you believe I never heard another peep out of them? Lol!

In case you missed it and was wondering this is another company that advertises on TV that have got up to no good that I have also battled with, like Wonga, being Very Catalogue owned by Shop Direct.
Ohh dear. But really working out for these people and they fail to realise that it's not even over for them just yet?! Lol!

Like I said, corruption seems to be everywhere in England at least. So not much of a stretch to think it's in other countries and Europe wide, is it?

Wise people in glass houses learn pretty quickly not to throw stones!


Fifa: Blatter refuses to quit as president & vows 'to restore trust' -

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