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This and the following post was accidentally posted in my British Wildlife blog.

In case you had not realised I am quite knowledgeable in a great number of things, many of them sciences like Ichthyology, Batrachology, Herpertology, Orchidaceae, Carnivorous Plants, Astronomy and Astrophysics.

I am also knowledgeable in a number of other fields too like Wing Chun Kung Fu, Mountain Biking and a few others.

I have a dozen blogs and only this one is the miserable one and only because not only does someone have to do it but I seem to be the only one able to do it. If you do not know what I mean you might want to do a search for solicitors, the legal system, British justice, human rights and the news media.

I am the only one I know that has managed to get so much information, data and secretly recorded audio on so many corrupt public services, organisations and private companies. I am certainly the only one to get so much in such a short space of time and without any help or resources.

I can also quite easily prove that I posted this the day and time that I did, lol.

Anyway here is the post:

I was chatting to a friend about the outcome of the court.

I mentioned about this weird period of two weeks regarding compensation as I thought it would just be announced on that last day.

He said he thought it was bullshit as the judge would just say and I decided to look up a few things on the Internet.

I was on my umpteenth page when I read a line that hit me. In fact despite the fact that they keyword was not mentioned it was one I spoke to a legal friend about often.

Yeah I did a bit of PA work for a solicitor on and off for a few years.

It seemed to be like there would be a sea of Thomas' that would use this odd two week period to be dismissive of the outcome I predicted. Non-believers, doubters and egotistical people.
That keyword is PRECEDENT'!

A judge will mention a figure on the day because it had gone before.

This works the same way with the jaw and decisions.

If a decision out figure is used that had not been used before then you are setting a precedent. In future courts and judges will refer back to that case and the decisions made in it and why.

If said case has similarities to the next case then any decision made by the judge can use this case for their decision.

The court and legal team did day that they have never had a case like this, I mentioned this previously and it should have occurred to me.

I feel a bit silly in all honesty.

Fibrofog! Everything is Fibrofog's fault!


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