Thursday, 14 May 2015


I have a funny feeling this wont be the last time that I post about the election result.

I am getting more and more people mention about how odd the result was from all over and how they knew very little or no people who voted Conservative. I have an odd feeling this is going to continue to happen.

In fact I got one email from someone who started up a petition, they felt that strongly, and want the voting system changed. What also caught my attention about this particular petitioner is that they are not old enough to vote!

So I have shared this on Twitter, though I do not tweet a great deal and do not have many people on their that would take note. I have put in on Facebook too where it is likely to generate more people but again I stopped using Facebook ages ago when they started making it progressively worse and obsessed with ever more money.

So I will put the link here and let us see what transpires as I will get the odd email updates about the numbers.

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