Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Well here is yet another subject I covered on here several months ago that not appears in the mainstream news.

It is to do with mobile phone signals.

Only O2 appears to be mentioned.

For some time things have deteriorated everywhere. In one it had been to do with mobile phones from just about so areas ...

Google have made Android, QuickOffice and likely several other properties far worse, oh and Blogger and it's app.

Not just O2 but all the networks have had connectivity problems for awhile.

Not forgetting that these big companies are allowed to mug and rob you in a way that a small business would have the book thrown at them.

By unfairly and without permission... err without telling you install their own software to cripple your phone.

By placing unfair days limits on your phone and despite this ...

Want you to pay between two and four times each month due each of your devices that quite possibly did not sell you or manufacture any of them!

This makes the law an ass and shows me beyond doubt that the law is only their for the poorer in society and does not apply to the rich and powerful.

For this reason the laws do not apply to me because they repeatedly she that they do not apply to everyone.

You may have noticed this about me in just this blog alone? I have a devil may care attitude towards things and am guided by morals only.

If it don't apply to one then it is null and void and does not apply to anyone for me.

A nation is not one giant school where the rich are the teachers and everyone else the kids who the rules only apply to.

Laws and rules apply to morals and morals are never changing. In mathematics, or computing, things that change are known as variables and things that don't are constants. Computers have systems, or run on operating systems and programs, or software, is itself another system. Get the variables or constants wrong and things may run OK for hours, days or weeks even. But eventually it will collapse.

That's it. The end.

In any system at all changing a constant to a variable will result in a collapse and if any of them don't see this then they are idiots.

This is because they very thing, or reason, these rules and laws exist don't have their intended effect. Either through money, power or a law industry containing solicitors that have become a joke have decked it all for years. Once it's been seen enough times and obvious to enough people the while thing collapses.

Everyone losses faith, due not give it why credibility any more and asks themselves why they bother paying any intention to it.

In my case people got lucky... because had I been immoral, and look about this blog... I have enough reasons to have become immoral and evil, but I didn't.

Not everyone would, however and that is what concerns me at times.

What is and will be funny to witness are the lame arse excuses they have and will come it with that get ever lamer still.

I have had excuses so pathetic I wonder how in Earth they got to where they are with their obvious incompetence?! Literally!

The second half of this year and starting very early and even just prior to the second half of 2015 even getting under way, this will become obvious. On here at any rate.

I pull no punches, make promises and not threats and will carry out everything I intended to from day one. I will not take prisoners! I am afraid they had their chances over and over again and these ... err chances were not only another chance for them to admit their failings and do something about it but also a trap. Every single time!

The longer they take, the more they refuse and the more they play dumb and say incompetent things the worse they look.

Right to until the proverbial bomb goes off and the proverbial shit hits the turbocharged and overly large fan.

I passed the point of inevitability with them some time ago but I did not say anything. Oh I hinted a few times but this only adds to view bad they will all look when the time comes.

Very, very late on I will even sort of hint at it in an obvious way only to make them look even more pathetic when the time comes. Making you, the British public, ask how in the world these idiots each for their jobs and what the fuck are you paying them for or how in the world can they do their jobs, run that organisation or investigate, fight it fine anyone when they are clearly... incompetent.

There are still a very large percentage of extremely naïve people out there so in the dark to the truth.
Hmm...except I am pretty sure that this will not last beyond the end of this year... let's call it a 'gut feeling' for now lol, and possibly before the summer is through? Lol.

So what is anyone doing about the fact that O2, and Luke I said not just them, are fucking their customers over? Have the refunded them all the months rental? I bet they haven't.


That's what this is pure and simple. Your taking someone's money without giving them product. The other way around is theft so it's theft end thereof.

Only now there all already ripples throughout society over this and I have a feeling this is going to go beyond tidal in the not too distant future?

I had someone comment on my letter video of complaint letters to Virgin Media and the three to different NHS departments I have been corresponding with for two years over a very serious complaint about test results and medical notes being altered and with the proof on recorded audio.
Two years.

The last letter said 'What complaint?' It's lies of course and that's the NHS and PHSO and the only other excuse they could possibly give would be to admit they are so incompetent.
Letters, emails, reference numbers, computers.

Sorry but you don't lose files these days and if you want to ask about losing files... go ask a solicitor what would happen to them if they lost files! The punishment would be severe, let me tell you.
Bit public services and private companies have done this at every turn and better still ...

They do not ask me for mine or even enquire to the different things I possess in the way of proof on absolutely anything.

Oh and I am not sure if a week ago Monday I mentioned that PC World phoned me and kept apologising about their fuck up?

'Terribly sorry...yes your right... this terribly on us... we look dreadful and unprofessional'
Then I'm told her name and that she will personally make sure that the vouchers to refund their crappy, appalling, useless, refuses to work properly, suspiciously showing down despite the most powerful tanker on the planet and newer dual cores running faster than these QUADS and faulty Android tablets, will be listed to me immediately.

That's the second time I've been told that after being told I was a liar by several of their staff at their HQ. Until I oddly had to prove it because they had no record of the sales?!

Well it's been two weeks and one again they have failed to turn up!

Timing... is...everything!

They are going to be ripped apart and insulted like I have never done before and the name calling well be bad asking with the accusations about them cheating VAT.

They think themselves clever in all this but they are not.

I will send them both a letter and an email this weekend. Meaning this week be a focus on the blog for the next couple of weeks.

This will also be true of Waltham Forest Council, JBW Group and the NHS along with one or two others for the next could of weeks.

In posts... on this blog...for the next few weeks... is really a place you do not want to be!
I cannot emphasise this enough. Really I can't!

This will very soon become clear, surprised if it's not not inside of a week.

Lol, oh and if it's not bloody obvious on here... don't say I didn't warn you!

As for Google, go back to a black screen with a blank field to enter text and with a stupid childish like name to speak to children...

It's the only thing I can remember you was any good... ooh wait, no. Your being investigated for that too are'nt you?!


MP Sajid Javid tells O2 to 'sort it' over network signal problems - <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32878936">http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32878936</a>

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