Saturday, 9 May 2015


Right now then. It is all about the timing.

Just to keep you up with what has occurred thus far...

For the past two years or more I have had this ongoing cat and mouse game with both the NHS and the PHSO. Well except for the fact that the mice in these instants have always been both blindfolded and spun around by me without them having the slightest clue.

So what has occurred is that I have reported not one, not two but a whole list of very bad things going on across 5 GP Surgeries and 5 Hospitals that include ...

Making serious errors


Falsifying Health Reports (this one will be bloody funny in a few weeks time)

Falsifying Ultrasound Test Results

Lying About Prescription Medication (dont exist or even claiming different groups of drugs are exactly the same)

Lying about the existence of NHS Departments

Cancelling MRIs and lying about it

Claiming I was wrong for over 15 years when they obviously lied

Knew what my condition was before I self diagnosed it so hid it from me

Issuing false health reports to the DWP the DWP then burn after you put in a legal request

Right now that is just off the top of my head. There will inevitable be others and all of that has evidence in one form or another and some things have several forms of evidence.

What has happened? Nothing.


It is exactly what I knew would happen when I made these claims and as I stated from the outset of this very blog ... watch me go through the motions, watch it take in inordinate amount of time, watch the excuses, lies and evidence but most of all ...

Watch for what they do not ask for.

Now now only has it taken a long time one of the most hilarious ones and the one it currently stands at is that I was contacted by a department that I HAD already made a complaint to who then said I did not. AT one point I wrote to an address as Royal Free Hospital and when they realised they said, still innacurate and lying, that I had written to a different complaints department and they could not, I repeat not, acquire that information.

One complaints department cannot contact another complaints department to acquire details about serious crimes being committed, lying, breaking of Hippocratic oaths and other things. Why? Because they know and are paid by you from your taxes to divert those that complain all over the place until they get fed up and give in.

Yeah well they never met me and I was well aware they were doing this when I approached them...and they did not know that I was publishing all correspondences both to and fro in all forms on here...WHOOPS!!

Now due to something very rapidly approaching and a journey I have to make this is an absolutely brilliant time to approach them and from all sides. Because things are going to go a bit nuts, an understatement I am sure of this, in the next few weeks or so.

Think a gargantuan amount of attention.

So I have now written to all three of them all at the same time and sent on the same day. Oops!

It gets better as their has been an addition to the three letters.

Virgin Media.

After having Sky's website being abysmal and not working on the libraries computers and BT charging me for a 17GB connection that states in small print at the end will barely be faster than mobile, Virgin Media strike in their own way and way better.

How about this?

I get the landline connection I have wanted for years but I have had so many complaints about Virgin Media it is not true. But everyone to me seems just as bad as the next one so no point in effing about over it, just to end up finding the one that can lie and cheat better than the others!

Anyway I am supposed to get 50 MB/s as that is what was advertised. Now remember that BT states in small print just as your going to click 'PAY' that the connection will be between 2 MB/s and 8 MB/s?

For the first two weeks I am getting 34 MB/s with Virgin and then wondering why BT could only achieve a maximum of 8 here?

A little after the two week cancellation period I start to notice some juddering, dropping of connection and a slowdown?!

So I run the two on-line Internet Speed Testers I did previously ...

Here are the scree-shots...remember I have not had this connection a single month yet ...

Oh yeah and their webpage is shite and according to them my email address does have an account already and is NOT recognised depending on whether your trying to get your lost password or create a new account, I will let you work out which way round it is, lol.

I explain this LIVE to someone and she sends me a link to a fucking FAQ?!


So as well as the letters to the NHS, PHSO & Royal Free I am sending a complaints letter to Virgin Media and before I have even paid for my very first bill!!!

Oh here is a of the letters I sent a couple days ago ...

Makes me laugh! Everyone and everything puts up a charade that everything is great and hunky-dorey in the UK when they are not and thousands of people risk drowning because they think the streets in the UK are paved with gold and it is all lies, lol.

But human rights will give them the gold even though there aren't any and British people are already suffering severely and it is just getting worse and worse and I still cannot see when it will get better.

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