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I have been aware of the corruption, the lies and the falsification of medical records and test results within the NHS for a very long time. I started to suspect it but dismissed it each time over ten years ago.

Around 7 years ago I finally faced up to the fact this was happening and sitting a long time cooking up a plan to but only to fight my way through it but to price it to everyone else.

Now as this plan stated to unfold I got shock after bloody shock as it seemed in every case the lying and misleading was rife and instead of wondering when and how often I would discover it I wondered if I would ever not?! Even in the situations where I did not you would be left scratching your head as to why you was faced with a brick wall at the end if a dead end street and sent home empty handed.

In a new millennium it was literally a case of..

'oh well, I can't do anything for you so I'll just end you home with this problem [many problems] and you can suck it up while we all get paid from your taxes'

As I did was also realising that this was an absolutely inhuman attitude to save money but was actually doing the opposite to this to such a magnitude that I wondered what non prescription drugs they were taking or had they skipped mathematics at school between 5 and 15 years of age?!

On its own... putting off repairing a tool means that tool cannot work for you. As this to still gets insisted on using that repair becomes more and more complicated and therefore costly. Mathematics 101! This is a false economy and any bloody moron can see that! So why would you so it to a tool that can sue you and other tools that can turn into your worst nightmare and despite your size, money and power can return to outwit you, outsmart you and blow you to the four corners of the galaxy from the inside out?!

Fecking tablet!! This damn thing has nearly had it!! I must bloody drop this off to PC World for a big row! Thieving bastards!

Right I have turned it off and on again to see if it gets back to it's normal level of faulty typing and seems to have worked... for now, lol.

Yes so as many already know this blog deals with corruption... many of which you have long since heard in the news. Does not go back to the dates I was publishing details on here though in each and every subject... not even close. Then you have to factor in the dates on the documents I provide which I kept in my long battle to fight and then expose against corruption which go back ten to twenty years.

Now...if your reading this and shocked at what it states you should look further. I was asked in January 2013 by a member of parliament if they could use my data in the house of commons against Iain Duncan-Smith and send bits to the TV and tabloid news media.

I have an ex dentist out there somewhere...he visits this blog, still waiting for me to her a title and a medal?! I burst out laughing when he said this starting you get nothing in this country for being a hero, even when I have battled and exposed most of the public services, most of the electrical goods retailers and added to this the Police and the Secret Services who I am at odds with over their claim as to his they located terror cells in Manchester and Birmingham... you called me a genius on the phone as did the two Merseyside Detectives who then thought it would be easy to lie to me and manipulate me over the phone?!

You do remember you calling me a genius? I do have one of then recorded, the other has...a paper trail...of sorts, lol.

I never had issue with you breaking the law...I did, however, with the reasons why you broke the law and who you did it for. That along with using what I did to try to claim that your betrayal of the British people led to you capturing people you had no idea existed before I contacted you.

Yup..far, far, far worse and widespread than I could ever have possibly imagined! Luckily for me I had already devised a plan to obtain proof via audio evidence. They're was no way I could even utter any of this stuff without being labeled bonkers! Those of you more eagle eye than most will realise that they already attempted this through Doctors? Lol, though they failed to read my medical notes first as this was both impossible as I was already listed as entirely save several times via breakdowns they did not want to help with at the time plus I had been recording them for several years. Though as some of little faith who fecking argued I would get nowhere or nothing recently found out I never told them I was recording them in arguments. I have no idea why they assumed I had told them in arguments?! It'd what I stated so many times before... liars think everyone else lies so they use that to make themselves feel better about lying. Everyone thinks they are sort smart so when someone comes along who is and they can't see how he did it... or worse still stated to people I can't or won't do it or wise still argued with me I won't do it only end up looking fecking stupid and that's not my fault but theirs.

As well as helping myself I decided I could help trends of thousands, then hundreds of thousands and before very long millions of others... so why people would want to run down, belittle, take the piss or claim the opposite to me purely because they don't like me is beyond me... Lol!

I have lost count of the number of times I have stared this but...

This is not neither a contest, promotion nor competition about me or my personality. It was pure and simply about the truth and about everything that is rotten in this country based on my own evidence obtained over a very long period of time, the longer the time the worse it will be.

I also have a unique skill for filtering out the wheat from the chaff on need and rumours on other things outside my own endeavors. So I can give opinions and predictions of what I believe them to be and what will come to fruition.

That is there and absolutely anyone can put me to the challenge.

In fact one of the most disturbing and shocking of all was the BBC paedophile ring and some that were involved that went a fucking long way to explain why everyone was so blaise about it. The report recently regarding the royal family being involved was touching upon the reeling from shock and horror I refer to. Only it was not what I expected if I am honest and not that which is commonly stated around the Internet.
Now I cannot even state that which I believe and how sick to my stomach I feel whenever I see them on TV and the morons interacting with them who are either fecking clueless or could not care less about the reports and links.

It's also worrying as well as revealing that their... status seems to mean that they are not bound by the same laws, investigations and exposure to journalists everyone else is?! Why? They don't fecking do anything despite what they tell you and how it appears, they have done less and less and are having less and less an effect on what that are supposed to do and have done for years.

But people go goo-goo eyed in their presence. My God, I drove the car of the one in the Internet need accusations and everyone at ATS in Camden went goo-goo eyed over the presence of his metallic dark green Land Rover Discovery! Lol.

I digress.

Yes so now, and back on topic, the NHS is under mitre and more scrutiny over the last year or so and will do over the next year. From day one of this blog I have encouraged whistleblowers in every single area I have battled. That would be most of the public services and midst of the electronic retailers and every single ombudsman. Only now it turns out that even here the NHS have been battling against me! Tsk-tsk! Oh dear! Oh deary, deary me! What are we to do?!

What you have here is a failure... no, no I'm bit stealing that line from Cool Hand Luke, lol. No what you have here is an example of my very, very slow snowball effect of me gradually pushing my growing back of white fluff ever closer to the increase in the income of a hill and just edging over that ridge.

I stated to many that the money obtained recently was nowhere near add imprudent to me as the letter they sent me telling me what they intended to do. This was not only an admission but was also an item of a message to the British people and added to this a weapon of mass destruction to the rest of the army of darkness. In fact it's both a weapon and a loud message to each and every one of my other enemies and this had already been delivered!

So the NHS have been bullying whistleblowers? I for one cannot wait to hear about these but like the claims of a certain member of the royal family I worry that the reports will suddenly evaporate?! I cannot but wonder if there were concessions... given prior to ant news reports disappearing beneath the proverbial carpet?

Yes well I am going to make yet another of my predictions and this one should be pottery obvious by now. If these things are not obvious to readers then simmering is wrong. Very wrong. I know this because an extremely naive member of my own family who suffers from delusions of grandeur dues the exact same thing. This stuff affects you!! It might not matter that it dues not directly but you works have to go some way to find someone who knows no one affected by the things I cover! Have you got your priorities in order correctly? Are you sure?! Is it exactly how you think it is or have you been stating one thing for so long that you want it to be that way because you do not want to be wrong?

If I asked people I am sure that 9 out of 10 would day they don't have the time to read, watch, take things on board or that reading stuff like this or even watching the news you find boring, miserable or feel you want to cut your wrists over upon watching?

I have heard them all.

If you don't pay attention, and I don't mean just watching the TV news as this is biased mostly, then you don't just do a disservice to yourself but also to that if everyone around you that you claim you care about.

I know a man who has a series of problems I will get to later in the year and he manufactures the oddest human emotions. He is devoid of feelings midst people take for granted and has to manufacture emotions for his own family... literally from my own observations. He thinks no one realises a whole list of things about this particular Penguin but I am afraid they do and more so than this one could ever positivity realise. In fact I can assure you that it will be quite a show when this one comes to it's inevitable conclusion later in the year!

Their...orations strictly adhere to one line of thinking but every so often something is let slip. Their... actions, however, strictly match the... personality that is allowed every so often to... be allowed to slip. Well the reality is they are both madder and dumber than a bag full of frogs! Though they would argue...quite sternly to, to the contrary!

*sigh* good God yes... that's a whole story that's several bags loaded with frogs and wild cats in together and then some! My word I cannot emphasize that one enough and oddly enough it will not reflect well on the NHS either.

Yup... barely into February 2015, over three months to the election and it's definitely going to be a good year for me and bad one for everyone else.

In here is a little anecdote...

The person mentioned above is a naysayer. Another person I knew started to become a naysayer also. Only when I showed one person my letter regarding the sharp turn around in my PIPs decision he laughed and said

"You know, honestly I doubted everything you was doing, your blogs and battles and thought nothing would come of it..." now laughing he continues.. "Now I have read your letter I realise your going to do everything you said you was going to do and your going to make a lot of money this year!!"
Well...I do have to quote him, well anyone, word for word! Lmao!

But I should note here and now it's not just the NHS!! So with that now in the forefront of your mind who else do you think will be exposed for doing the same bullying of whistleblowers?! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

So these might by the death cries of the Kraken but I still want to know who Kronos is?!
NHS staff afraid to speak out, whistleblower report finds -

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