Friday, 6 February 2015


Huh, I just mentioned to one it two organisations and am about to mention to yet another that my subjects all manage to get in the news!

Now heading for a three year old blog and with documentation that guys back ten years and even as fat back as twenty something unique is happening and had been happening for some time now!

Dumb-arses, the lot of them. Quite how they got away with their dishonesty, tricks and been generally manipulating and literally using members of the British public escapes me. It really and truly does!

I realised many of the things in my blog many years ago and when I say 'many' years ago I do mean many years ago. I just had to wait for the right plans and the opportunity to prove it.

But I had my handicaps. Many, many handicaps! Disabled with many conditions involving many areas of pain, actually embarrassing hindering social life and... memory loss very frequently and being made homeless with all this while having it deliberately kept from me it's a miracle I got to where I am!

However what I find even more surprising is that no one beat me to achieving all this... I still may get to do something else I planned and designed back in 1996?! Lol! Maybe others I have forgotten?

If someone did come along and beat me to all this I would have been quite happy about this! In actual fact had this occurred way back beyond certain points I would be anywhere from over the moon to jumping with glee! I did wait for it. News program after news program and tabloid after tabloid. Month after month and year after year!

So now imagine that I have been publishing on this blog for 2.5 years plus and I have lost count of the number of things I have revealed have appeared in the TV news!

But then that's the trick and was the plan to having fought so many battles with so many organisations both public and private at the same time.... no one realises. The whole blog is like that of a finger print. Each subject represents a line on a finger print. Lots of subjects of specific subjects means lots of lines.

Now one or two things seeping out would probably not get noticed and even if it did, who would think there was a link?

But with dozens of specific subjects... emails from people in the public eye requesting if they can send data to the press and others I cannot recall and suddenly... it all starts to look very suspect?! Lol!
A bunch of other people also start to look very stupid to the smartest of people and eventually they start to look stupid to everyone.

Once again over confident due to sheer size but needing several lessons in things they simply fall to understand at all even if they appear to and use it add thigh they do?!

Oh dear... you know what this means? Well they are going to look every stupid and then...BAM!! Bloody incompetent!

Many things are run very wrong in this county, the UK if your from elsewhere in the world! I do have prior from everywhere come and visit my blogs, hello, bonjour, privet, konichiwa, Dojeh...ohh no that is Chinese for 'thank you', lol. Damn it I cannot think of several... darn this Fibrofog!!
Hmm worldwide? Did ya think of that?! Dumb-arses! Lol.

NHS complaints investigations inadequate, says review -

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