Thursday, 12 February 2015


Hmm I am getting some bloody cheeky bastard goings on at Amazon.

After driving me nuts as they usually do to provide feedback I have had one seller contact me demanding I give her better than 3 out ot 5, which I gave because it was a bugger all item and I failed to see it was coming from America which I do not expect to have to do for a fuck all item!!

So I told her where she can stick it as politely as I can! I do not bloody care and I do not bloody care for people basically telling me that I should have spotted some tiny small print somewhere, bloody yanks and the audacity their business types have?!

"Your unfairly hurting my business" is what she stated in the reply to it too!

That was not even the best one! Now follow me here...

I uses walking sticks. In fact on the second day of my small windfall I bought a walking stick and I will end up with more over the next month. I have several and they drive me nuts trying to stand them up where they will not get knocked down. Some time ago I saw these gadgets that I assumed you afixed to a table edge and your sticks click into them? They looked extremely clever little things.

Only when they turned up I spent an hour looking at the instructions and trying to use them before I realised they were utter shite! I do mean utter shite too! They do not go around your walking stick very easily and in fact are very tough and need twisting to get on. If you have particularly nice walking sticks, as I do, or walking canes I would wager that these would scratch the surface material off in no time at all, a few weeks would not surprise me at all.

It gets better as they do NOT afix to a table at all and I took them apart several times before realsing that on either side are these large round rubbery bits and they rest atop the table or I guess underneath? Which means they need to be in the right position for either of these which invariably means a lot of sliding and more scraping of your sticks.

Lastly one hiking stick would not fit into this thing at all.

Now if your a seller in a retail store you choose what you sell and if there are two stores that sell the things your into and one is tat and crap while the other is quality and beauty this reflects on the seller. Or in other words a seller knows, or bloody should do, what they are selling. because they shoudl first test the product as I would do and have done or pay attention to feedback and if you get a lot of negativity you, or I would, stop stocking them.

However we have this American attitude to business to just sell crap and to hell with the consequences, think the scene from American Dad with Brian Griffin replacing Rush Limbar's belongings with American made products and as Brian describes each item it blows up or fails in a comical fashion?

You see this all the time when companies that are good for and well known at one thing suddenly think they can make everything and get a windfall from it, despite having no experience from it. My sister once bought a Gucci G Watch and I took tohe piss. "Nooo! Gucci make shoes! You want a watch buy a Cartier, Omega, Rolex!" or something to that effect. I own a pair of Oakley glasses now but they make rucksacks and outdoor stuff too now. But mine is Berghaus, Vango and companies like that. When they realise the stuff is shite and no one wants it because of the crap colours, bad design or some other reason all this stuff gets shipped off to the UK, lmao, no I meant it appears in TK Maxx (err yeah in the UK stupid! Lol!)

Anyway I thought it was a bit of a cheek to ask me to change my feedback and Amazon have now done themselves out of a Celestron Nexstar, Evolution maybe, 6 or 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Goto Telescope sale around the £1,000 mark! Now I will go to a British company like those found in The Sky At Night Magazine.

So yeah your right if you guessed I have a blog on Astronomy that has been seriously neglected because I simply do not have the hardware. Well up until now I did not have the hardware but I will be changing that over the next month or two and then I am done. All my blogging will have the tools they have needed for the last 3 years! Woohoo!

In fact I am really cheesed off with Amazon in general really and wished to god there was a British company like them who did an app that worked for your mobile and tablets?!

My tablet Amazon App crashes on, I mean this very literally, EVERY OTHER SEARCH!

Anyway I thought you would like to read the email I sent to Amazon, who incidentally agreed with me about how crap their App is when I contacted them a week or so ago. I am really about done with Android and their Apps. I cannot remember the last time an operating system and programs were that painful?! Even on 56K dial up it worked faster than this.

I believe, you see, these updates figure out how long you have had your hardware and deliberately start to slow yous system down. Forcing you to but new gear. Oh believ me I am just waiting for someone somewhere to find the proof behind that one and then appear in the news. Say around 5 to 7 years between the discovery and the TV News reporting?! LMAO!

First up here is a link to the product on Amazon and you can see that it looks in the picture as if it is afixed to the table? Link ...

It appears to have a great deal going on but I think the product is deliberately deceiving you, or designed to in other words. It quite literally rests on the table and as for placing a stick into it...well do not buy it for anyone old or with arthritis.

EDIT: Oh would you look at that?! The seller is only a retailer that specialises in walking aids?! Like fuck are they! That makes it even worse! Lol. If they had not asked my seller feedback be removed I would never have noticed.

I have replaced my feednback and now I have noticed.

They are called Walking Aids, how original. Hmm I wonder where all their stuff is sourced from? So many really iffy sellers around these days due to the online craze and it is hard to know who to trust!

Oooh, lol, no it seems they are called 'Easier To'. Sorry my mistake, lol ...


Anyway here is the email ...

Dear Sirs

I am sorry?!

Exactly WHY did you remove the feedback I gave?! This was FEEDBACK and I see nowhere does it state that this is based upon the time of arrival nor personality of the seller, though I am suspecting its now going to be RUBBISH!

I also believe packaging feedback is a separate issue!

The product was RUBBISH and totally pointless....I am sorry I do not understand how that CANNOT, according to YOU, reflect on the seller?! So if they were selling stolen or counterfeit goods they are protected from being arrested and charged for that?!

Make your damn rules play by the law and not whatever you feel like making up at the time!

How DARE you remove this without asking!!

Martin Haswell BSc

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