Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Just a very simple and quick statement...or question rather based on both Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind getting caught and getting suspended...

... this really is to the nation followed with a possible alternative...

How many of these wankers do you need to see get caught and then chastised by their colleagues before enough people realise they ate all doing it?!


Maybe everyone already realises they are all 'at it' in which case the news media are not only full of shite like I always knew or they are thick or just like patronizing the British public?!

I know that the Tories have lied, cut off from realty and are looking out for themselves and not the country... the 'country' being is people. Not it's most wealthy or largest land owners. These things are not not ever will be the measure of a human being done grow some brain cells and gonads and deal with it.

Secondly the Labour Party when in power and primarily to do with Tony Blair were no different either.

Now I could never vote for people like this and sorry there are no excuses...the only people to vote for wankers like this are more wankers. In other words you have to be either amoral just like them or a complete brain dead idiot. Huh.. just like them again?! Lol!

If you can't see these things by now then I'm afraid one of the two still applies, lol. I find moments like this funny because I wonder how many people will read these posts then this one up to a year or more after the election and feel... rather silly? Lol. Five long years... five more long years and one there it will still be shit but they will still day it's been getting better and how wonderful they are and how things will be fantastic over the following five years should naive morons vote then in again?
Oh wait... are they not saying that right now?! Lol!

A miserable thought and a vision of my face palming myself come the result of the General Election and wondering if there is a country that has like minded, intellectual people I could desert my home for?

I hope not. I really do hope not. Nothing could be worse than after watching my country get destroyed by this in power over the years based on lies only for naive people to vote for the same dishonest political parties. Especially if it's because... that's what they have what's done! Or that's what their Dad or Mum airways did.

Make decisions based on the facts. Not accusations. Not any accusations, not even the plausible ones.
Oh and this morning that 'bleeding' finally stopped after slowing down the last two days, thank the stars.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw have whip withdrawn over 'sting' - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-31589202

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