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Anti UKIP protestors?

What the hell are anti UKIP protestors and more importantly, why?!

I never heard of these people before and I am somewhat shocked to be honest. Confused too.

Now I don't know much about UKIP or its individual members and Nigel Farage always makes sense when I hear him in interviews but I don't know about all his policies or beliefs. But then I don't know about any of them.

For what seems like years members of parliament get caught out doing underhanded things. But it has taken a lot of time to catch these people out. A lot of training to keep things hidden for so long?

To me the old parties have wrecked this country and I do find it shocking that a protest group causes trouble to a party that has only had a few members she they are not as good at being secretive about their feelings or beliefs. A party that was not... well party to the state of the country.

So what exactly do these protest groups hope to achieve? Do think that they are all just going to say 'OK we will disband?' Do they think that they will improve the terrible state we are in?!

I have previously mentioned a local business who 6 months ago or so took his smallest amount of money on a Saturday. That was £56! No kidding. We had all been hearing how we are doing better but the customers locally in Enfield were telling us something else entirely. For awhile I asked about the Saturday takings to see if it was going up or down but apart from a few quid it remained on a level. I stopped asking after several months.

Today he informed me that he has only taken around £45 and that the previous Saturday he had taken £34?!?! My jaw simply and quite literally...dropped. He saw the shock on my face and said "I know!"
I spoke to others too in the last few days that stated it was dreadfully slow and quiet recently. To try and understand it and tell themselves it was only temporary they stated it was down to the fact that a general election was mere weeks away? But why? Because UKIP might end up in power? That is seriously unlikely and despite the protest group they are popular with many people. That in itself is saying something. It is also refreshing that a party that makes sense and cares about the country arrive when the main there have run is into the ground and kept us there.

So looking at it this way hopefully you can understand that I shake my head in disbelief at people putting so much effort into something that won't achieve whatever it is they wanted towards people who have said a few stupid things. Wrong things at times, admittedly Gbit they are people not wanting to be embroiled in the spin, lies and secrets.

But it seems this group would much rather have parties that day what they want to hear and promised stuff that never arrives? How bizarre!

I certainly hope that they have a history of protesting over things that are far worse? I also how that they protest over some of the things that are currently being exposed and the rest of it throughout 2015?!?!

Do they know that children throughout the country have been beaten, raped and killed by two completely different groups of people? One home grown and of celebrity and power status and one of a group not born in the UK and only here to extort, rape and pillage and then hold their hands out and fraudulently take a fecking shed load of taxpayers money without the taxpayers being asked?! Are you aware of that? Children that were let down by Social Services in a long list of local councils and Police that ignored them and covered it up which was a series of actions so bad that it would destroy local government and police forces across the country?! So bad that the first one has been declared unfit for purpose and commissioners placed to run it which I how is not the only time this takes place because the media coverage will help convince the public that things are being done so that they avert their gaze elsewhere and then the other councils ignored?!

Where the feck were you in these situations?! But you turn up and fight in the street like common criminals or peeved people with no self control over things not that serious when compared to anything else exposed in recent times?!

My good God, I am glad I don't live in a community of people like that! I would probably be chastised for having different colour Crocuses in my front garden to the rest of the street and get an 'official' warnings post? Lol!

If people like this are willing to look so... pretty on TV and in the tabloids they better be prepared to be judged. It always seems like a good idea to vent your anger publicly but you had better give it some forethought first. Like looking at other things going on at the same time, comparing your spat with them and then aging yourself how it would look to the rest of the public.

I might also add that making the same mistakes that government, public services and local government make asking with a large number of celebrities and powerful people in not realising how fast, far and wide the Internet is. Your not just going to be on the Internet fur the British people to see but the entire world.

So your cause had better be a worthy one!

I can also yell you that too much of the public being narrow minded and not seeing the bigger picture are just going to aid in keeping the country in the doldrums. Many, many factors can keep us down and some week be big with greater effects and some will be small.

Many small mistake make a very big one. Many small mistakes across a large enough percentage of the British public week be utterly catastrophic that could last for many years!

Maybe I could suggest a dose of perspective and a course in prioritizing?!

Gee whizz!

UKIP spring conference leads to clashes in Margate -

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