Sunday, 1 February 2015


The news media never ceases to amaze me with the number of times it contradicts itself.

Here is a report and one of several this one by the BBC harping on about the largest ever profit total announced by Apple.

So where is the mention of how this was even possible due to the fact that first off Apple has been losing market share to Android phones?! Though Android had been dreadful in its last few versions. Secondly where is the mention, reference or even piss take off the fact that they are working people to death assembling their phones in China?

No. Instead they harp on about the fact they have made this record breaking profit and no silly remarks about half the iPhone 5 handsets not working? I don't know about the latest version... well outside that of the larger banana iPhone. Ooh that reminds me... the test they did on the banana phone on BBC's Click program was... well stupid...really, really stupid! I thought it was a joke at first, Lol. Claiming to be tech journalists they place the phone in a front trouser pocket when any idiot would know this would not bend a phone. It was equally obvious that those with the banana version ended up with them by placing the phones in their back pockets.

Maybe it's just me that can see things for what they are and everyone else is naive? I bloody well hope not as the country... the world would be a bloody awful place is they were. Hmm well... it's not that great right now or has to be said, lol.

Apple profit 'biggest in history'

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