Sunday, 1 February 2015



Artificial Intelligence and something that I personally have had a long passion for. Even when I could not take it up as an extra subject as it was at a different campus I still seriously considered working on an Expert System for my dissertation for my degree.

However as much as I am keen on setting the technological advances in AI I also have long had my reservations.

According to this BBC report I am not alone.

Bill Gates and previously Stephen Hawkins have warned about AI. To be honest this quite unfortunately comes down to just a few dumb fucks who think they can do whatever they want and to hell with the consequences claiming it's on our best interests. Then go an annihilate mankind instead of protecting it stating crap like "how could we have known?"

Well here is a tip, of you don't know them don't do it!

Also just because you have money and power it does now mean you can ignore universal laws of things like physics. There's a reason they are called UNIVERSAL.

The issue humanity has today is that they have spent so long making these decisions while hidden in the shadows they fall to see any comebacks upon them getting it wrong not have the foresight to see anything detrimental happening to the lives of their loved ones.

So where will it all end?

Who knows but I think we will find out at some point in the next ten years?

Bill Gates insists AI is a threat

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