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When I read this report on the BBC News App earlier today I leaned back and add a friend was spreading about something I cannot recall my eyes looked to the ceiling and I simply uttered a slow and low "ohhhh yesss! I don't believe it!"

My friend asked me what I had seen and I simply asked if he was aware of the Rotherham paedophile ring and he nodded. I then explained that a report was completed on the council, despite the blockades the staff threw in their way, and that Ed Pickles had just stated in the House of Commons that they concluded that Rotherham Council was not fit for purpose!

He raised an eyebrow and just said "really?"

Once again in the early months of 2015 I get something I expected to but much earlier than anticipated.

The friend I was with is extremely familiar with my own cases, of which there are many, and the battle I have had with several local councils, the unspeakable horrors allowed to go on while bare faced lying and denying that it does and that I have issues with no less than FOUR of them. 

Rotherham not being one of them... but Wirral Council is not far away and they have done exactly the same thing. In fact they knowingly pushed a child in that direction rather than admit to me that they had made a catalogue of mistakes going back twenty years and that I was right and they were wrong.
It seems that this that cast judgement are quite unwilling to face the penalties of being wrong or the punishments of getting it badly wrong. Acting like butter would not melt in their mouths they have spent several years skulking in the shadows hoping to go unnoticed while the front line staff they hired because of their naivety, stupidity or plain jobsworthyness would allow the real guilty people to get others to unwittingly walk the plan while they still utter words like 'protocol', 'legislation' and 'it's the law' like a tree full of African Grey Parrots!


As Wirral is not far from Rotherham and my lot of Muslims were traveling out if the area to meet up with other groups (Manchester and Birmingham being two popular destinations of one). There was somewhere where they picked up a car load of illegal cigarettes and filled up the unregistered car with them to sell them in a shop that the British taxpayer financed. Took my daughter's ATM card from her too and helped themselves to her state benefits!! That went on for a bloody age and God knows how long it was going on before I got told about it?

Yes that was Wirral Council and caused in part by them taking a council place away from my daughter, illegally, and then refused to give it back even though they were told she was being held against her will.

Bad? Oh no siree as the 700 page plus file will show a great deal more and they have caused no end of irreparable damage. Aided by several other local councils that I lived under the staff of which acted like they eye intelligent and if some higher calling when really they were as thick as shit!
Oddly I have only just wondered if any of them have come on here and found this and getting panicky about documents and then thinking "oh it was a long time ago... fifteen or twenty years he won't have the documents with my name on them anymore... surely?!"


I then had a conversation with my friends whereby I stated that though they have ranted on about Rotherham Council only it must occur to enough people including the media that they cannot be the only council to cover things up as regards a paedophile ring? I know of one and covered it on here with audio recordings, documentation, emails and even Police Inaction Reports telling the most fecking stupid lies it is not true.

Like even with a Police number they cannot find out who this aggressive Police Officer is who bruised my daughter's arm?! With the fucking number?! IPCC? As fucking useless as Merseyside Police.

No matter... it's what I expected. I was getting to that stage now where I realised that corruption and lies were under every stone I overturned so started to expect it at every juncture.

I then explained to my friend a couple of things... first that even with no paedophile rings my theory is that 90% of councils have covered up some pretty awfully things for years. I expected many members of the public from each and every council area there is to ask what their local council might have gotten up to and layer covered up? Every area has a number of local newspapers and so stands to reason that a great number of journalists live in each area. If any of them were with their salt and had any intelligence whatsoever they would ask themselves if it was worth investigating?

Too bloody right it is!!

I think that in time, but told my friend I am not sure how long it would take, it will sitar around the country and that the corruption, lies and covering up would reach the London Borough Councils!
It should go this is the obvious next step. I said that I would find it stunning that there were to be no others revealed especially when I have uncovered Wirral Councils unspeakable cover ups and did so long before Rotherham Council but the headlines. Way, way before this! Well it is on here and the documents are on here along with emails and they will all have dates that predate the very first pay off this blog and that was in August 2012. At a guess I would think the year on the dates is... around 2010?

I told my friend that ever since I started my blog that I would be on the lookout for certain...signs.

Some of these would be small and easily overlooked... parts of my stories or a mirror image of something similar found elsewhere as I had encouraged appearing in the media. Other signs would be pretty... well major! Lol!

This announcement and the line that caused me to reel in shock was that the council "was not fit for purpose" and reading that five commissioners were going to go in and take over running things!
Remember... the governing of this country is, when it comes to appearances, smoke and mirrors! This could also be a scapegoat council to bury ask the others. They could well have picked the council whose senior staff were most disliked or the last important, powerful or influential? Things are coming to light that were going on when both of the major parties were in power.

In fact... when I uttered my reaction to this report by the BBC my friend assumed it was a correction of some paedophile stuff to do with a major ring and said simply "Is it Charles?!" to which I said "lol...oooh no mate...but I am certain that will come or this year"

This year of 2015 is already proving to be a bloody good one for... revelations. I have had a feeling fit several months it was going to be an eye opening year for things. I just hope that the British public can keep up and do not miss anything and take it all in?

Also I have compiled a series of reports and letters...hmm think lighting touch-paper, that have gone off to my other... adversaries! Hmm...'adversaries'? That tends to give the impression that they present some level of a challenge? Well, no! The most challenging thing is the inordinate amount of time waiting because the legal industry is full of lying wankers who would rather tell you that you have not got a case, breaking the law then, than be honest and tell you they are shit... but are somehow still making money?! Or perhaps that should read '...was making money'?

It's funny how these things are gotten away with by these groups and organisations when the prevention of this is so easily dealt with?

A shame that so much damage had been done by these local governments to their own areas and public! I just hope that when they are running around each local government looking for anything despicably depraved that there are at least some local councils that have not got up to no good?!
I very much want to see where this will lead and for me is the first sign that the rot can be cut out of society and that forever more no moron would ever think about doing anything like this ever again?! Plus godly the front line staff have pulled their heads back out of their own backsides and learnt never to be used as patsies ever again? For some it will prove to be far too late, for others though they may escape the pointy finger of blame?

I will have to try and find out when the legal case is expected to conclude!! Maybe then I can announce a rough date that the revelations of the latest victim will come to light?

Edited as ever, of course.

Government in Rotherham Council takeover after abuse inquiry -

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