Sunday, 1 February 2015


Well this is... interesting.

Members of Parliament are complaining over the fact that BT vastly overestimated the costs of providing broadband to rural areas.

British Telecom find this bizarre. I know one former employee who told me he left employment with BT over the way they treat their workers and that one young lad of about 17 died as a result of their...treatment of staff.

I then recalled that the cost of landlines, in non rural areas, was surprisingly high and also remembered I read it was going to get higher still. This new rise was due to the fact that everyone uses mobile phones.

I find that as an excuse to punish your remaining customers effing stupid as they will likely lose many more.

I also imagine that any raises of charges and fees would be out down to the costs of expansion? I wondered whether or not that these crafty, greedy and often will companies might be burning the candle at both ends? Hmm no, that's not right... well you get my drift.

But we're all too busy to notice these faux pas by those very same people keeping us busy, lol!
I wonder how much this has gone on? A company claiming they need a slice of the public purse while putting up the fees to customers at the same time?

I have watched the TV news media so every note bizarre reporting, or even more bizarre non-reporting of evidence provided in the proverbial silver platter, but this is getting... a bit beyond bizarre.

BT attacked on rural broadband costs

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