Thursday, 5 February 2015


This BBC report and more accurately the photograph used to highlight it underlines something I have thought peculiar for quite sometime.

Also of note, well to me anyway, is how this is... or had never been picked up upon by anyone. Anyone... anywhere. For... years.

Now what I am on about is the get togethers that take place by leaders of countries when the chat is over war, mainly, or human rights that include real suffering or starving.

Now these meetings for me have two things that are more or less a constant about them. Remember, constants and this is important to know before I highlight my long term permanently raised eyebrow over. These are that they first of all take forever to come about, see below, and extremely rarely ever succeed in doing anything!

Now remembering those two things I am referring to the fact that both the leaders of Germany and France, Angela Merkel and President Hollande respectively. Meeting over the Ukraine crisis. Now exactly how long has the Ukraine crisis been going on? I think it's interesting as well as suspicious at how in the beginning Ukraine and it's problems made up ninety percent of the news and yet today does not make anywhere close to ten percent of the news?!

Now here is the thing that had bothered me as well as had an eyebrow almost  permanently raised... despite the horrors that have been going on which are inevitable for a war the leaders always manage to smile like the proverbial Cheshire Cats when the cameras come out?!

Remember I also stated that no one ever send to notice not comment on things like this?

Ukraine crisis: Leaders in new diplomatic push for peace -

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