Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hey-ho Iain Duncan-Smith who those that know him say he is a nice guy, err but he lies to the nation or if that OK with your idiot mates, is at it again.

Apparently and I do not need to read it all its that fucking obvious he is at it yet again by stating that Universal Credit is 600 million under budget?!

Fecking impossible calamity Jane!

The only way that you could possibly achieve this is by ripping off claimants! Because it had not done anything except arrive extremely late and had been added to the list of existing benefits and not replaced them.

Do ya know what this means Mr Abacus?! It means that as well as having all those benefits now and it being longer than the previous list it also means that even more friends and cronies are getting paid humongous salaries, compared to benefits, than there were before! Because your running the same departments as before but with a while two new departments that even after being introduced bloody late have still yet to replace the departments they were intended to four years into your current reign, feels like a reign, with just a few months to the election! *sharp intake of breath*

£600 Million under budget?! Borllacks! Same goes for the odd report about cannabis at err King's College? That's next to Guy's Hospital and like several other Josiah's they lied in a letter... by omission and yes I do have the recordings! Oops!

Now just for the record and yes it is on here and no I have not reminded readers for a very good reason, I was in favour of welfare reform! Yes you read that correctly as it was a body mess!

However! I did not and now do not agree to a bunch or morons with no common sense nor mathematical skills whatsoever to feck it up and use it as a tool to screw the poor and unfortunate out of money! This is what they have been doing.

Incompetent because they took away all of them to replace them with just two benefits. For a Tory government that left themselves with no grey area?! Yeah right!

The reason why their were so many departments was then coming off with excuses to pay someone less money. Don't want them in one benefit but can't put them on another and enter stage right a new benefit and new department.

They can now... sort of get away with two because the word disability had been removed from the names of benefits. This is so they can slowly remove it as an obligation to pay them any more money than anyone else. Nice.

The third thing they failed to do in all this is to think about how this week look to other countries around the world!


Universal credit benefit roll-out '£600m under budget' -

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