Tuesday, 3 February 2015


This is sick. Truly sickening.
Here is a case if animal cruelty that is truly, truly astonishing and not the most shocking thing of this BBC report of a Halal animal slaughter house. No, not even the shocking revelations, huh revelations being the right word for these people, of a man holding a sheep by the throat or another running one head first into a wall!! Not picking one up by its ears or even waving knives in front of them to scare them. No not even that!

In fact the two most shocking things about the slaughter house is that it's one of nine or ten caught out by Animal Aid but I'd the first one I am hearing of and... it's still operating?!

The one thing that should be obvious is the types of people who are guilty of these sickening acts of barbaric acts. No, no I am afraid and saddened to say that this really dues not surprise me at all.

Despite their strutting about when it vibes to self importance even now in a global scanned the sad truth is that they are the one race of people whose every action appears to stem from that ancient post of our brain being the R-Complex?! It is near the centre of the brain and the signals from here have less time to travel. This means, unfortunately for the idiots wise actions mostly stem from here, that it's very easy for the weakest of us to give in to these responses. Note normally and among the most civilised of people they can fight these urges even in tubes of stress. In fact for many it would take the most intended stress, anger and pain for one to give into these signals. The more intelligent thoughts, decisions and actions stem from the outer regions of or brains and take the longest time to reach the centre.

When you have people that constantly give in to these barbaric ways that many of us have turned away from it means quite literally that they are 'animals'. Or in other words not of any particular importance or meaning in society.

In fact I would bring back the death penalty for these acts! In fact we really need to look into bringing capital punishment back and should at least be taking about it. It is still a far less severe punishment than that they put upon these animals!

Now the problem is with them is when a larger portion of people happen to be if the same origin... especially when they either state or just strut around like they are supreme beings it makes acts like this and that of the paedophile rings even more rage inducing!

These rules apply to all... including a GP or two that seemed to think, plus talk to me and in my documents like they belong to a higher form of life than that of other people... like patients, lol.
I do not know about anyone else but I have a pretty good level of control over my own actions and thoughts. I can turn it on and off whenever I need to and have manipulated many a large organisation and will continue to do so for some time to come.

But if I were placed in a room with a dozen of these guys of either faction of the master race, paedophiles or these capable of the cruelest acts against animals and I am afraid I would not be able to control being taken over by these ancient signals of a cerebral nature.

Only one would leave that room alive!

Thirsk slaughterhouse 'attacks' probed by FSA - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-31094229

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