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Right then?!

It is about a week late but here is something that is the end result of something I put in the pipeline from about a year ago now, or a couple of months less than that. Put simply I cannot remember when I did it!

But I did mention on here recently that I had a phonecall from the DWP apologising for not answering a Freedom Of Information request within the given time allowed by law and that they could not find that which I requested?!

Beauty!! Splendid!!

Well I recorded the conversation, that one still yet to be sorted oiut and uploaded, and was told that she would contact me within two weeks if she found the relevant information or not. You can check on here but once again they went over the given time period by quite some time. Bailiffs and debt companies are quite good at breaking this particular law too, along with many others like fraud and burglary. Strange that, akin to being OK to mudering someone for pissing on your Roses!

Anyhoo...cast your mind back to a documentary on Channel 4 and which I covered the last ten minutes of on here. It was a Job Centre, well all Job Centres, being accused of lying to the public and stopping their benefits because they have not applied for jobs, claimed there are loads of jobs out there and that they themselves had hundreds?

The man carrying out the investigation had already been told by ex staff members that there were no jobs and it was all a very deliberate lie.

He then pulled out an iPad and asked the red haired manageress to show him the jobs on their website and she surfed around for ten minutes and unable to find them but insisted they were there. He stated that even if they were how would the people seeing work be able to find them on their site if she, the manageress, could not even find a single one?! He still wanted evidence that these jobs were available currently. She then went off to get evidence and left him and his cameraman in this room for a fair old while. Eventually the building cl;osed for the day and everyone went home and they wondered whether they had been locked in for the night. Eventually the manageress returned with a large pile of printouts that surprised the investigator and seemed lost for words for a few minutes. Well that is until he then spotted that the jobs were way over a year old and therefore they had just lied to him yet again on a national TV documentary for Channel 4?!

You goot be fecking confident to do that and been given some pretty impressive promises to be able to do that and this means of course that you are KNOWINGLY doing it. That is you are knowingly lying to the British public on national TV for whatever it is they promised you.

I would not do that.

Well.....they have now used that trick once again on me of all people! Only this time its far, far worse than that they did on Channel 4! I gave them two Freedom Of Information requests concerning their entire expenditure, which I do not even know if they answered this one and need to check, and one requesting all medical documentation on me.

So just to be clear I want copies of all the NHS letters whether GP or Hospital written along with the forms and applications that either I filled in or that of my GP's?

Now as you know I have changed GP's a fair few times in the last 7 years? Hopefully your keeping track, well one of the reasons I did this along with testing the GP Surgery for honesty and professionalism was that the DWP and Atos would be caught out. By doing this I would know for sure that each time I applied for either DLA, DIsability Living Allowance, or its replacement PIPs, Personal Independent Payments, that they would contact many different GPs. This way one of two things would arise. First off that the GP's written to would inform me, of which only one ever did and she told me that the DWP lied about her filling it in or at least the way that she did it. The other thing is that the GPs would be contacted at times shortly after I moved GP practices so that the application forms would then have to be handled one of two ways. Firstly they would be sent of via the NHS and then end up in my medical records with the current GP to be filled in or they would be forwarded on to me.

Like the GP they lied about sdhe told me that in any event that a GP makes a mistake on the forms the DWP automatically send it back out to the GP in question pointing out their mistakes and request that they fill it out again. They did not do this and did not inform me either and as the GP in question fully informed me at the time "Your right Martin, they are corrupt. They tie our hands behind our backs (NHS Doctors) and we have to lie to our patients and take the flack from the public for it. I have been a Doctor for nearly 40 years and I know how to fill in their forms, they are lying"

A few weeks later she put 5 stunned staff on the dole queue by stating she had, had enough of the NHS and everything with it and was retiring effective immediately.

Now by a strange turn of fate one of her staff members went to work at the very surgery I am now with, remember I have had two GPs since she announced hger immediate retirement.

Well a rather large and heavy package came through the door and I actually thought it was the legal documentation I asked my daughter for a couple of months ago? No, it was the answer to my request to my medical evidence. All 60 pages of it with two thirds of these double sided so 100 pages.

Only there was not a single thing I requested within the package and nor did they even reference this fact in the letter?!

'Eh?!' I hear your mind now asking, 'well what did they send him?!'

Most of it, leaving aside some crap with a few lines printed out in landscape mode for some unfathomable reason, are all the emails we ever sent each other!!!

Yes they sent me print outs of all the emails I ever sent them. That's it and that's all!!

Yes that means all the ones I ever posted on here and still have!!

No I dont know why.....

Well yes of course I do, plausible deniability....

...except the fecking idiots sent this to me of all people!!


This is one of those interceptions by complete douche-bag morons I often refer to. One you can see in action just like the ones that intercepted the letter from Guy's Hospital. Though I could be wrong and they may have just asked the Doctor I saw at Guy's Hospital to lie on the letter and he willingly did it. Which would mean of course that Dr Kirkham is the lying douche-bag?! Lol!

This lady that I spoke to on the phone was completely shocked and perplexed that she could not find anything I requested. Well of course not I was hoping that I had caused enough trouble that they had binned it all and I then requested it before they could even realised they had been duped into binning it so I could catch them in the act?!

Oooh there are those facets at work that I kept warning them about! The ones I carried on warning about in here! The plans I state that I lay out and that there are always several in motion at any one time with any one public service.

So in total a fecking lot then?! YUP!

I said it would take a long time did I not? Yes sirree, Bob!

I have a pile of all my emails to the DWP & Atos I not only already possess within one of dozens of email folders...ooooooooh yeahhhhh emails and folders....dumb-arses.....that are actually all on here anyway! I even told the lasy this in the phone conversation I had I also recorded.

Oooh yeaaaaahhhh the recording of me teling her this? Yeeeeeahh you see no one in their right mind would send me 80 pages of crap that I told them I not only had but published on my blog....but someone I had NOT told that too WOULD do a dumb-arse fecking things like that!

What does this mean?

Some complete brain-dead tosser stepped in and changed what was going to be sent out to me and very clearly believes that all benefit claimants and jobseekers and likely the entire working classes are all completely stupid brain-dead morons that could never possibly catch them out?!

Well I am, I do, I did and to cap it all I cam make them look like the completely brain-dead incompoetent morons that they are!!

Because I have stated many times on here quite deliberately that I know they have done this many times so that when my long term plan to catch them in the act comes to fruition I can then reference the fact that thios has been repeated many times in the public domain and that tens of thousand of people have likely repeated it to others around the web meaning that it could well be hundreds of thousands of people....and they...missed it.


Ooooooooo that's gonna hurt in the morning, son! Well one morning it will when it dawn on them what I have been doing all this time!


Oooooooooh! Does it hurt?! Who am I asking that of?

Well I have yet to email a few people and they are going to get a particular link, one that should have them running for the exit door on the way to the legal department as they now realise they cannot delay things any longer and that they will have to take me to court toi shut me down!

On the way they will be pissing their pants wondering what other things are in motion if I have spent a year waiting for this one to come to fruition?

If your reading this....YOU DON'T WANNA KNOW, TRUST ME!

Anyhoo I took a picture of the pile of crap they sent me, ahh well saves me having to ever print it out to the news media if and when they come! Just bought a new pack of printert paper too and four black ink cartridges. Well best to be prepared for the oncoming storm! Lol...

So there is a photo of the envelope and the pile of wasted paper they sent me.

Of course I have more and I will got around tot hat in a moment. But before I do I wish to just recap...

I knew their file would be nothing short of a joke and most definitely a damning one for all involved and so by asking for it they had three choices...

1 Send me it as I requested and then damning themselves to hell as it would give them away to screwing the public, therefore showing that all public services are doing it too ...

That was extremely unlikely so...

2 They could have sent me the files so that it looked like the GP's and Health Professionals, or so called, they asked to lie for them look like it was THEIR fault ...

Likely there was an agreement covering the arses of the health professionals and so....

3 Not having a file at all, which is the one I expected to get which also allows them a fighting chance to still not pay me the money they illegally took away from me over five years ago now.

I knew I would get this last one if I got an answer at all and I had been posting everything I had and evereything I did in all that time. I had also been telling every now and then little anecdotes about what transpired previously for up to 13 years prior to the date of the blog.

Ask yourself a question now and I did kind of want to leave this one to one of those things I had hoped to occur to people without help only to bring it up months later around the time of the general election?

Except there will be plenty of other things and so ask yourself this ... I asked for ALL the medical evidence held upon me and have repeatedly stated that I was in receipt of it previously?

So where is the NHS evidence that in the past got my Disability Living Allowance approved?

Now, do you see that window and that bath hurtling towards the street below? Look in the bath and tell me, do you see the baby?!

Now I did say right after the picture that this is not all that I have done?! My God, no, no, no not anywhere near it but in respect of this blog not it is not all and here is something else ...

Below is a video I did for YouTube of the pieces of crap they sent me prinouts of. Why?

Well I can flick through the pages thereby showing each of the printouts of the emails so that those researching what I do can go back to all the emails I have ever posted up on here bothin coming and going along with the dates and check to see that I have indeed been sent a pile of crap none of which I asked for!

I can also describe in detail both what I have done, what I have asked for and what I have been sent while pointing out what I have now been doing for two and a half years nearly, only online mind you, and thereby drawing a great deal of attention from YouTube viewers to my YouTube account and then this blog! OOPS!!

So without further ado and now that I have time, inbetween hoverin g above needles eyes and my other plans that are still in motion to be revealed in Spring 2015, here is the link to the YouTube video, lol...

Ooh dear..


Dear Sirs


I was going to just write 'umm latter dated [blah,blah]' and then be sarcastic about it because it is not what I asked for.

However it is what I wanted and what I expected.

Mind you your going to have to go to the incompetent idiot and moron that sanctioned this letter probably by way of interception. Because I had already had a conversation with someone on the phone and already pointed out several...aspects of what I did and what I do.

I requested all medical evidence held upon me be sent to me.

This is not what I receieved.

You sent me my own emails to you and Atos and nothing else.

But they are my emails and hence I already posses both them and the replies.

I stated in the phone conversation that I not only had all these but have published them on my blog and so so as and when i get them!

So why would anyone in their right mind gather up all the emails I sent and them print them out and send them to me when my Freedom Of Information request specifically asked for medical EVIDENCE held on me?!

Also the deliberate mistake of the fact I was previously in receipt of Disability Living Allowance? Did you throw that out along with the rest of the self-damning evidence I requested just as I hoped you would do?!

So yes, thank you for your pointless package of crap, it is just what I wanted and have been waiting for since I put the request in.

You can tell those that think themelves intelligent that I know who they are and that they are not intelligent and I just shgowed them ho bloody dunce they truly are. The ones really costing Britain stack loads of cash and think themselves some birthroight to being paid vast salaries while being as fit as a fiddle, despite being half-witted, and yet think people with dreaful afflictions have no rights for money to just fecking survive?!

Thank you for giving me this finaql nail. Well that is not strictly true as there are a great many in motion, most like this one I have forgotten about...ahhh yes, forgotten. That is something else I wanted to explain now we are in the subject of dying a screaming death, forgotten. Yes, I do that a lot. But then the bosses at the DWP and at Atos know this just like they also know that Fibromyalgia is linked to a sleeping disorder and we have a p[roblem with mobility...

Which is also why along with losing all the medical evidence conveniently which is not because you threw out all the releveant stuff you did have which now provers to the British public that you did indeed throw it all out ti get rid of said evidence....oooh I digress, where was I?

Oooh yeah your so called assessments, arranged by YOU and not Atos, though they are as guilty as you are, were deliberately arranged for 9AM or similar in the morning while getting futher and further way from Enfield in North London the last one being Lambeth in South London!!

I simplay cannot believe that both the DWP and Atos were so easily manipulated and beaten time after time after time?! Amazing, truly amazing which begs the question how you got away with it for so long and how no one caught you?! Yes I know how long you have been lying to the British public.

So is your excuse going to be that you used to give out disability like confetti? Or maybe that I made out I was a foreigner and not born here and that you ususally just hand out everything they ask for to them and not British people? If so I would like to know the reason why?

Soi then this will be interesting as I am dying to know how you and Atos now attempt to get out of this corner while continuing to screw me and the British Public over a barrel?!

To state once again...

My Freedom Of Information request was for medical evidence you have on me for thirteen years.

I have a letter here from yousrelves stating that you turned me down on one application for Disabiklity Living Allowance because, and I QUOTE, "Your GP filled in the form wrong." which was Dr Huq at Dr Rooban's Surgery who stated that you were liars and that she had and that even had she not its standard procedure and has been for over three decades that forms filled in wrong by GP's are automatically sent back to the surgery and requested this is corrected.

So tell the person who intercepted that letter I recieved or indeed the one that requested you send me that pointless crap and tell them that I now have them by the balls and there is no no way to escape it from here on in.

Oh I am so looking forward to see what you say next?!

This email will be going off to all the others departments that get paid for screwing the British public and disabkled people over while comitting fraud by receving taxpayers money for services they have no intention to performing.

Excuses and quoting scripture will be pointless and if your the so called Independent Case Examiners....don't. I will use foul language and call you a bunch of degrading names albeit quite accurate ones.

Look forward to grovelling from you.


Martin Haswell BSc

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  1. OOPS, yes I have sent this reply too... (ones that sent the pack of crap lol)

    Now if you do not know this last one, ICE or Independent Case Examiners are the, or supposedly I was informed, the Ombudsman to the DWP and yet no oine I have ever contacted in any advisory service or disabled group had heard of them. Yet they are being paid and funded out of the taxpayers money?!

    How can there by services the taxpayer is paying for they have no idea exists and yet when you do contact them they claim to have investigated, like the claim to be 'independent', yet I have found out not only much more but prove, if my memory serversw me correctly, that they did not investigate a damn thing.

    Yes that 'independent' claim?

    An emai or web adress is what it is, an adress.

    This is the persons or grooups identifier of sorts, used loosely, and the the address of the computer in the building or, in this case, server that feeds the mail on. Think of it as an office worker who goes around handing out the mail.

    Now after that @ sign, which means 'at' in this case the address of the computers and what do you know?! The Independent Case Examiners have their computers in the same building as the DWP, who they claim to be Independent from?!

    I think I might know and have done for awhile why no one has heard of them, because computer enthusiasts and smarter gamers might notice this little detail.

    The really funny things about them?

    They are the only ones to make this mistake while the only ones to use the word 'Independent' in their name!