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Well they are forms of life found under rocks? Lol. Well sometimes.

I have had an email from....oh dammit! From the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Health Correspondents.

So their so called health experts then? Well no, it seems not.

Now it rather surprising now had the excuse that I was not specific about what I requested? "Send me everything you have" is not specific?

To back off this round of complete bullshit that had taken them a whole year they state they sent me a form asking me to be specific?

Well no they did not send me a form abort being specified when I already asked them to send me everything they have in me as regards the NHS documents!

What, was there too many pages to send? Yeah there may be a couple of dozen...maybe even three?! Oh wait a minute? They just sent me a pointless mountain of A4 pages numbering over 60 sending me emails printed out I already sent to them?!

Why? Why would you even do that?

Fucking idiots, they can't even be corrupt without looking like brain dead twats! No wonder they do not put names on the end of the correspondence. It just started something "...Team" manning they are all brain dead, lying, wiggling idiots. Lol.

Here is the...correspondence...well if you can call it that? Use of the word 'correspondence' tends to insinuate their exists a conversation.

No conversation between us exists nor has it ever in years and they have the greatest difficulty with the English language.

On occasions when I am chest deep in the bullshit I think about the staggering amount of fraud that has been going on within these public services and even worse the middle men and the bureaucrats who drain the taxes while not doing the service they are expected to perform?!

How does that even work?!

It is completely mental, completely mental that this occurs and there had been no backlash from the nation? It is simply staggering behind words at what they have woven in the last decade. Simply staggering and now staring tens of thousands of new faces directly in the face each month now. It has previously founded this with close to two hundred thousand people.

Oh wait?! Yes it's the UKIP thing? Of course! Lmao! Dingbats! Muppets and like an old Scottish friend liked to say is numpties.

I would like them well discharged, dishonorably and a website with a wall of shame created with their names on and crimes.


Dear Sirs

First Problem

" “1 Can you forward me all documents you possess on me please!!?”
In our response (reference SAR 388) we enclosed all information that Atos Healthcare hold about you as requested. We also sent your request to the DWP Data Protection Officer (DPO) within the benefit centre for the additional information you required. "

My response; No you did not.

Second Problem

"We have been informed by the DWP DPO that you were issued a SANTA 1 dated 12 November 2014 asking you for further information. If you require specific information, please complete this form and return to the DPO within the SAR Team Wales."

My response; once again no they did not and I do not possess such a form at all.

I am afraid once again your organisation just cannot help itself and lying. Probably doing this repeatedly hoping to catch me out because Fibromyalgia causes memory loss and does with me several times each day. In fact you nearly got away with it because I only just saw this email you sent me and realised I had not read it or replied and it had been...bloody hell all of nine days! It's the 26th November today and your email dated 17th November.

This is now roughly a year since I applied and yet you have repeatedly failed to do anything correctly. As well as exposing Atos for corruption in my blog I have also been focusing on both you and ICE.

Trust me I do a great many things simultaneously and the blog helps keep me reminded of what I have done and need to do.

In fact it is truly astounding that I have deliberately been waving several facts under all your noses to let you know your falling into traps and yet you consistently fail to see this!

Once again your persistence to lying just gets posted on my blog and I find it somewhat surprising that my posts regarding you three get the most visitors by far. I guess a fair portion of the British public are furious and went to know just how much of their taxes are being washing away down a proverbial drain while awarding yourselves salaries with their cash.

I often wonder if a single person within the public services I have dealt with within the UK or the idiots that manipulate their native staff to lie have EVER stopped and considered the eventual reaction will be when enough of the British public have seen the truth for themselves? What that outcome turns out to be is off no concern of mine as I only wanted to show the truth about what had been going on.

It might interest you to know that one Michael Meacher MP emailed me and requested of he could use my data and blog in the House Of Commons while battling Iain Duncan-Smith MP add long ago as January 2013.

I have had so much more visitors since that request its mind boggling and of all the comments and emails of thanks I get some stand out. Like one recently I remember being a Pastor, of all things.

While I am having to email for the umpteenth time I will now be direct and state the following; How come you have not contacted my GP in a whole year? What's your lame excuse for this? Why had it taken a year anyway?

Hooray for emails, eh? Otherwise there would be nothing left of the Amazon forest, your that intent on wriggling out of this as much as you can.

Also whatever happens by mid 2015 you and the bureaucrats can forget about finger pointing, especially at me. Whatever happens this was bought on by idiots in positions they are neither capable of nor worthy of.

These emails are vastly increasing in number and left orbit of planet absurd a very long time ago. Your way beyond the Kuiper Belt now in the frozen wastes.

Once again, look forward you getting from you!

Martin Haswell BSc

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Monday, 17 November 2014, 01:39pm +00:00 from DWP Health Services Correspondence <HEALTH.SERVICESCORRESPONDENCE@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK>:

Dear Mr Haswell,
Thank you for your email dated 16 November 2014 where you have raised concerns about the information you received in
relation to your Subject Access Request (SAR).
It maybe useful to explain that personal information about you is treated as a SAR under the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. By handling your request under the provisions
of the DPA, Department for Works and Pensions are protecting your rights over your own personal information.
Within your email dated 4 November 2014 you asked for the following:
“1 Can you forward me all documents you possess on me please!!?”
In our response (reference SAR 388) we enclosed all information that Atos Healthcare hold about you as requested. We also sent your request to the DWP Data Protection Officer (DPO) within
the benefit centre for the additional information you required.
We have been informed by the DWP DPO that you were issued a SANTA 1 dated 12 November 2014 asking you for further information. If you require specific information, please complete this
form and return to the DPO within the SAR Team Wales.
Kind regards
Correspondence Team | Health Services Directorate | Finance Group | Department for Work and Pensions
| Green Zone | 2nd Floor | West Wing | Peel Park | Brunel Way | Blackpool | FY4 5ES  
From: Martin Haswell []
Sent: 16 November 2014 20:46
To: DWP Health Services Correspondence
Subject: Freedom Of Information Request
Dear Sirs
I was going to just write 'umm latter dated [blah,blah]' and then be sarcastic about it because it is not what I asked for.
However it is what I wanted and what I expected.
Mind you your going to have to go to the incompetent idiot and moron that sanctioned this letter probably by way of interception. Because I had already had a conversation
with someone on the phone and already pointed out several...aspects of what I did and what I do.
I requested all medical evidence held upon me be sent to me.
This is not what I receieved.
You sent me my own emails to you and Atos and nothing else.
But they are my emails and hence I already posses both them and the replies.
I stated in the phone conversation that I not only had all these but have published them on my blog and so so as and when i get them!
So why would anyone in their right mind gather up all the emails I sent and them print them out and send them to me when my Freedom Of Information request specifically
asked for medical EVIDENCE held on me?!
Also the deliberate mistake of the fact I was previously in receipt of Disability Living Allowance? Did you throw that out along with the rest of the self-damning
evidence I requested just as I hoped you would do?!
So yes, thank you for your pointless package of crap, it is just what I wanted and have been waiting for since I put the request in.
You can tell those that think themelves intelligent that I know who they are and that they are not intelligent and I just shgowed them ho bloody dunce they truly
are. The ones really costing Britain stack loads of cash and think themselves some birthroight to being paid vast salaries while being as fit as a fiddle, despite being half-witted, and yet think people with dreaful afflictions have no rights for money to
just fecking survive?!
Thank you for giving me this finaql nail. Well that is not strictly true as there are a great many in motion, most like this one I have forgotten about...ahhh yes,
forgotten. That is something else I wanted to explain now we are in the subject of dying a screaming death, forgotten. Yes, I do that a lot. But then the bosses at the DWP and at Atos know this just like they also know that Fibromyalgia is linked to a sleeping
disorder and we have a p[roblem with mobility...
Which is also why along with losing all the medical evidence conveniently which is not because you threw out all the releveant stuff you did have which now provers
to the British public that you did indeed throw it all out ti get rid of said evidence....oooh I digress, where was I?
Oooh yeah your so called assessments, arranged by YOU and not Atos, though they are as guilty as you are, were deliberately arranged for 9AM or similar in the
morning while getting futher and further way from Enfield in North London the last one being Lambeth in South London!!
I simplay cannot believe that both the DWP and Atos were so easily manipulated and beaten time after time after time?! Amazing, truly amazing which begs the question
how you got away with it for so long and how no one caught you?! Yes I know how long you have been lying to the British public.
So is your excuse going to be that you used to give out disability like confetti? Or maybe that I made out I was a foreigner and not born here and that you ususally
just hand out everything they ask for to them and not British people? If so I would like to know the reason why?
Soi then this will be interesting as I am dying to know how you and Atos now attempt to get out of this corner while continuing to screw me and the British Public
over a barrel?!
To state once again...
My Freedom Of Information request was for medical evidence you have on me for thirteen years.
I have a letter here from yousrelves stating that you turned me down on one application for Disabiklity Living Allowance because, and I QUOTE, "Your GP filled
in the form wrong." which was Dr Huq at Dr Rooban's Surgery who stated that you were liars and that she had and that even had she not its standard procedure and has been for over three decades that forms filled in wrong by GP's are automatically sent back
to the surgery and requested this is corrected.
So tell the person who intercepted that letter I recieved or indeed the one that requested you send me that pointless crap and tell them that I now have them by
the balls and there is no no way to escape it from here on in.
Oh I am so looking forward to see what you say next?!
This email will be going off to all the others departments that get paid for screwing the British public and disabkled people over while comitting fraud by receving
taxpayers money for services they have no intention to performing.
Excuses and quoting scripture will be pointless and if your the so called Independent Case Examiners....don't. I will  use foul language and call you a bunch of degrading names albeit quite accurate ones.
Look forward to grovelling from you.
Martin Haswell BSc

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