Tuesday, 11 November 2014


First off yes I have that damned album in my head right now and contemplating whether to buy a film or that damned album, with the other one being only tomorrow and I am bored senseless.

Or at least I was bored until I saw a link that I thought was a joke, lmao. I then had to think whether it was April 1st or not. One link was to Amazon and I thought there must be something to this?

I have often stated that reviewering magazines and big companies often employ ... let us just say people of questionable levels of ... wisdom. Many visitors here will know that there are very few corporations and companies I like but at the top of the list of dislikes is one name of Facebook. Now I had shown an interest in the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality and I have to admit to liking the idea but being somewhat perplexed at it being first so late in returning and secondly so long in the creating process. I mean literally because of the existence of one thing that now seems to have been around forever, smartphones and more importantly accelerometers.

Anyway I am sure others were as downbeat as I was when they read that FAcebook had bought Oculus Rift? In fact I lost count of the number of links I see within a matter of weeks of people complaining of this ... purchase.

Now for those that do not like Facebook, or Google for that, matter because they all just turn into evil beings while continuing to spout their humanity, well I have something for you. Something that I think is going to first make you suspicious, then make you giggle, then have you suspicious once again, then shocked and then rip your sides laughing?!

I will not say anymore as I would like to think that anyone finding this will go through the same emotions as I did and this will just make me laugh once again, lol as I am now doing thinking about it?!


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