Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Well that was a real shock...well before I started laughing like a possessed man that is.

I am not sure what it was all about but there was a news report in America via ABC News everyone someone who worked for the US government that referred to the US public as 'stupid'?!

All one hundred and fifty thousand plus of them?! I think someone needs to explain the definition of 'stupid' to him?! Lol! I mean,... REALLY?! LOL.

However what I found interesting, but not enough to post it without that... word being used, is that I have often stated that a great many in the UK government, big business owners and even the news media think of the British public as stupid/fickle/unimportant/sheep/slaves/tax generators and no doubt others and you can delete where you think is necessary? However now that I think about it and because of the many links that we know we have to the US and the new ones popping up all the time, like Serco in the public services as an example, I often state of things revealed her, scandal wise, will later appear in the US.

I must surely have stated it regarding its view of the public and certainly have regarding celebrities and famous people getting up to no good. Be this doing unspeakably depraved things to children, can't type that without shuddering, or not paying tax. Like that statement from a rich lady when pressed by a journalists... 'Tax is for the poor' or something like that, which is an attitude that belongs in Ancient Egypt!

In fact oddly I was sent something tonight regarding the now elderly famous American comedian Bill Cosby who rather shockingly has had claims made against him of rape!?! By a couple of people apparently and once an actress. Not one from the Cosby Show?!

I replied to the link by stating that's it must be the Internet age?

When the Internet first stated being used, well here in the UK anyway, it was not really taken notice of by most. I noticed it because anything electronic, in entertainment that is, and computing I followed from day one. Well figuratively speaking that is, well I say that?

I remember the Sinclair ZX81 and the ZX Spectrum, in fact I was always a sucker for a good keyboard and got a Commodore VIC-20 whereas all the school kids seem to have the ZX Spectrum. 

Years later I actually spoke to a lady on the phone who had Sir Clive Sinclair as her godfather and she stated that she she thought he would love to meet me. Second time that was meant to has happen and did not. First time was fluffing A Mensa test and walking out 30 minutes early because I thought I had... done enough when I should have given that last set of questions another look. But then I did not know I had Fibrofog back then. Nor did I even I was studying for my degree.


So then I digress yet again.

I must keep an eye out for that ABC News report about that moron calling the American voters are stupid?

I cannot help but think that many political party's attitude is 'well you voted us in if we do anything that pisses you off, you only have yourself to blame'?

This is one of those recurring questions that come back, back and back again into the forefront of my mind. Was this what he was saying in a roundabout way? Was he answering to some complaints about the current US government and he was a republican at heart? I do but know, quite simply.

Just as interesting was the reaction to being asked if he would ever work for the movement again?! He was under contract for whatever is was he was doing and everyone that asked never gave the answer 'no' and one actually said 'Well he did make the government $'X' Billion! Normally if it's this account it's a safe bet that it's domestic decidedly dodgy, corrupt or involves lying?! Lol.
I dare say we have not heard the last of that one?!

I also would not mind betting that there will be similar... bloopers over here on this side of the proverbial pond?

Also, an it slipped my mind several times while typing this out, I heard that someone in the US has emerged as a third candidate for the presidential hot-seat?!

Now if this turned out to be true it would then make the next four general elections, with two being here on this side of the pond and the other two on the other side of the pond, the most interesting in living memory and possibly the most interesting in hundreds of years?! Quite literally, let me tell you!

Something else I have to remember to ask a friend tomorrow, or when I be next see him? It was he that mentioned it and I raised an eyebrow let me tell you?!

Roll on 2015 and 2016!

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