Friday, 28 November 2014


I find it all a bit strange.

Even in my most uncomfortable moments I find myself thing this.

Today I had not planed to leave the house at all but as is all too often what I plan and what I do are two very different things. Very different this.

I do not know about anyone else but when you know there is no milk in the house it bugs you. Often so much so that after several hours you do leave the house to retrieve some. Also this only applies to the colder months normally somewhere sound mid October until February. These are the months when you will actually catch me drinking tea.

I had bought new gadget to help bring the blogs up to something of a higher standard that is long overdue. I was tying to figure out how I was going to position the new tool when it occurred to me that a case for it would help? So I talked myself into leaving the house and venturing to PC World.

I am battling to remain conscious right now.

I left the house but after just 100 yards I wondered if I had Fibrofog the right thing? Well, no.

Oops pressed the wrong button... not finished! Lol...

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