Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Well, well, well what do we 'ave 'ere then?

I have stated it over and over again and for about a decade before I created this blog.

The is just one simple thing of note between the beginnings and that which will become the grand finale. This would be the fact that I had absolutely no idea how bad things were and how my they have been bad.

So then in times long since past I was fairly sure of what I thought would come to pass in the distant future. Now, however, I am certain and have been for sometime now. With one difference. I was in a very tiny minority of people that knew how bad things were out there. In fact I have never met anyone who was aware of as much of the corruption that I was. Never. That did not mean to say that I am the only one, only that the numbers are very tiny.

That last paragraph takes some deep thought about these facts. I would like to think that eyebrows slowly raise and eyes widen at the realization?

So how many do you think acquired all the evidence of corruption, lies, fraud of all these names, retail companies, public services and organisations? Now that could very well be just one?!  If not I would like to meet the person that had managed to do the same and I do mean that literally, as opposed to sarcastically. Would certainly take a load off my mind!

However it must be remembered that I have been doing this online for 2.5 years now and before very long it will be 3 years. This whole time I have, every now and then, encouraged whistle-blowers to come forward and approached the media. That is not all that I have attempted to encourage. I have also tried to urge others to do what I have done while giving them a basis to work from. Hopefully in time many others would surpass even that which I have achieved? It would only require better resources, a greater amount of mobility which would not be hard and some clever thinking? When I peruse the news reports I always have this hope that I will read of others doing the things I have done. With greater effect too! So I was relieved to cover that story while feeling for the woman involved when she requested help from her GP because she was suicidal over having to give evidence in a rape trial only to be told to go home and commit suicide and that she could look it up on the Internet?!
Hmm I bet I could guess a few things directly about that particular GP?! The recording of him was played to the authorities/court and the GP was quite rightly stuck off but should have been given a prison sentence. A long prison sentence!

So tonight I see these protestors in this BBC News report with many wearing those masks from the film 'V', which I thought was bloody great, or maybe they are Anonymous masks, I don't know. Lol.
I feel pretty sure that there will be an increase in protests in 2015 and probably, hopefully in numbers?

I have stated many times before that you should not do these little protests. Tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands is not enough. It's a tiny percentage of the population and you need numbers they simply cannot ignore.

Now if it were me I would rage the initiative and get all the separate groups that would like to protest and get then together for the same day of protesting.

I would not leave it there either and I would start up a campaign on changes. This would literally be for all those that agree and would like to be able to be there protesting but unable to fur one reason or another.

Now how bloody cool would that be? Now just think about the huge combined figure of the totals you could produce? Now dies that not sound uber-cool?!

Now that's a protest worthy of adorning those masks!

Maybe 2015? Probably not likely to take place before the General Election but after it has taken place. That would be my guess.

I like also that it was named the 'Guy Fawkes Protest'! Lol. It's kinda odd too as I was walking home watching the fireworks going off Ali around with bright flashes of colours lighting up the fabric of low lying cloud that covered the night sky. I thought it was strange that we celebrate something that was a plot to kill to do with a revolution of sorts that went wrong. I cannot even remember how the story goes anymore but then if we know anything about the 'establishment' today it's probably bull anyway? Lol.

I always think and did so again while typing this that protests are almost always a fair weather event. Or fairer weather at least. Cannot blame anyone for that but I always think that if I ever witnessed a huge number of people go on a protest march in very cold weather then I would say to myself "Christ, they must be pretty pissed too do that in this weather?!"

Well there are now only 16  months left to find out. Well I think it's 16 months? That is just the idea of a winter march to make a statement to government. Fairer weather marches and no changes after another year of the next government with the same old shit and I'm sure something will snap? Especially if the Tories are back in and now feeling confident and laying waste to even more people's lives? Especially if a majority of those lives belong to people that naively voted them back in?!

But, hey? These are all educated guesses like many of my others on here. What do I know? Just trying to make some predictions based upon what I think the nation feels. But this is just too hard to know for sure. After all I would be a much sought after talent if I could do that reliably even around 70% of the time.

Sometimes all you need to discover the destination is only the direction others are heading in.
Thousands join 'Guy Fawkes' protest

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