Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Well this was a funny report.

I pretty much knew that after five years of a coalition that, unlike other countries, British Members of Parliament especially those of the Conservative Party, works be so arrogant that they would put off active ever working with them ever again.

However I did not expect to hear noises along these lines until about April next year. But the link below shows that the seams have been straining under pressure for some time. Oops.

Just goes to show that those that have too much should not be in power at times like this. Because they only have concerns about their own wants and beliefs even though with a year left they have done bugger all, or in actual fact all the wrong things from day one and gone after the wrong people. This means of course that this whole time their focus has not been on helping Britain or its people. Adamant that they have all the answers they stubbornly stick to the ideas they championed rather than them hiding their hands up while they still have time to make a change.

So what will their manifesto be in 2015? "Don't worry, it did not work for the last five years but of we carry on smashing out heads against a wall I am sure some bricks will loosen after another five?"
Eventually the chances are that things may well sort themselves out but you then can't claim to being responsible for it! Not just sitting and waiting long enough for things to right themselves and then claim the glory? That works just be pathetic and extremely sad. Sadder still if they all believed you?

So what are the chances for future coalitions? Based on this report and with many months to go yet it does not look good.

Baker quits as Home Office minister http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29891132

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