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You could be forgiven for thinking that when they added to the list of hospitals that allowed Jimmy Savile to prey on innocent children so that the number given out in June was 28, that this was all of them?

In fact this is of because this is one of two numbers I will put in this blog and while this one I thought was somewhat smaller than 28 the following one I thought was bigger? Hmm confusing.

So 28 hospitals was the last total given out in the media which was the latest number given that had grown from the previous number I had heard about. I seem to remember it being in the single figures, of 6 or 9, before moving up into double figures and then reaching 28?

Now here is where it gets a bit shocking and then confusing before I move into what in the fecking hell everyone is fecking doing?! This previous number of 28 has now jumped to 41 according to the link below to those that used to employ him? This cane out if the blue, had jumped by thirteen...oooh crap! I just realised....

Right I started off stating this was a list of hospitals but the numbers do not tally up? I think I just worked out why because, typical of bloody journalists, there are two sets of numbers involved! I either heard or read the words I have just remembered of 'Primary Care Trusts'. The figures of 28 to 41 may well be the trusts. This is because I saw a map containing the locations of all the hospitals and it was quite far reaching and numerous! The was a patch of locations in the Birmingham/West Midlands area alone that looked like ten or twelve hospitals? Other areas of groups of locations if I remember correctly were Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol and another load of locations scattered about. I only git a brief glimpse of the map.

Now onto the thoughts of the latest shocking news.

Well it is obviously not going to stop is it? The fact that the map seemed to have locations in literally shook for corners of England, if not the entire UK, means that he got everywhere. I would wager at the final figure being anywhere from 50% to 100% higher than the latest figures.

Yes I was right to a degree and I just checked the link and it states '41 organisations'are now being investigated. This is the BBC who are responsible for him having gotten away with it for sooo long. Maybe stating '41 organisations' is not as shocking as reporting '88 hospitals' or whatever the number may be at the latest count. Funny how the only time they go for the smallest numbers is when they themselves are involved?!

In my little departure there to check the numbers I also noted something that struck me earlier, that the numbers of locations were more densely populated in the Midlands than they were on the South East. In the link it only mentions three hospitals in the London area. It's bound to have more than anyone else so the groupings should be denser and mute numerous than they were. Unless he could not find a way into hospitals in the South East for some reason?

It was sickening to hear this once earlier and it just beggars belief that such atrocities have gone on in so many places involving just one man! One bloody man!

Now it had become clear that the are as many celebrities that have been perpetrating these crimes as there are NHS Trusts currently involved. Whether they can all be proved or not the fact that they can't won't mean a damn thing to anyone. Because of the time factors involved between then being performed and action being taken. I am sure many things will go into the Guinness Book of Records over these events, like; The longest time taken by Police to catch... yadda, yadda, yadda!

Also it has been a conversation piece among members of the public at how many people are 'getting at with it' as well as how quiet many of stories have gone. It's widely believed that they only want to lock up so many and that an effort is being made to drag things out so that things are forgotten and move out of the nation's conscious mind? I would not be surprised to hear that a deal was made with those that did do time because some of the names on the list would be extremely damaging to certain... establishments if it turned out to be true?

Based on a list I had been provided with some time ago now it looks like the list is all true. Well there is only one name left to be named the the list and it's only been that everyone thinks we'll never get named. I do,  but many don't.

If your familiar with the Jack The Ripper stories then one particular story behind that killer is along the lines of this particular... person. In fact they are uncannily familiar and only missing one detail and one lot of evidence. The events and facts are all there but it's providing proof that links them that is the difficult part.

Only... there is more evidence and more people talking each other telling each other the facts and the names banded about today than there was in Jack The Ripper's day. Plus the two people that said it would never come out are but techno phobes and computer illiterate. Like so many others they fail, at times at least, like so many others to link together two simple facts...

The Internet can get information to far greater amounts of people in a much shorter amount of time and...

It won't matter if the News Media have taken back handers to avoid stories or people because once a large enough portion of the public are aware of the claims, no they do bout even need to know they are facts, it's then OVER!!

All that remains is the screaming match!

I know this. I have always know this. In fact others have proved this several times because of tweets on Twitter. Involving celebrities of course.

It is quite strange that despite my wanting things to happen sooner it is only now that I feel like I am within sight of the finish line while the start is much further away than the end is. Even if this turns out to be an end not on my radar, it's an end just the same. To something. Something that will make all the difference. In the world.

It is quite strange really thinking about where things currently stand right now. The weather has now cooled dramatically and Autumn has arrived. The clocks have turned back, *groan*. This means that more focus to these blogs will take place from here on in. By the time the Spring of 2015 hits so that I am back on my bike again,  this year was dreadful, the numbers that are mine would have also moved forward.

After this there is the run up to the General Election in May. There will be plenty of news reports regarding the political parties claims and as ever I will be on hand to cry foul, bullshit and fraud.
At the end of the day I am off the strong belief that something will snap as I have started previously. Now when I think of the General Election I would like to see the United Kingdom Independence Party get right up there in one of the top two places. But cannot shake that horrid feeling that English people, not or Welsh, don't never learn and there are just too many idiots that file brand loyalty because (imagine silly squeaky accent here)

"Weeeell that's just the way it's always been! Yes the parteee we viewed for night have said they were going to put disabled people against a wall and put a bullet in the brain, or we are going to sell your kids to perverts to pay off the national debt, but it don't matter cos eeeets trees tradition, sport! "
So the bullet train that is the Jimmy Savile and the BBC paedophile ring saga trundles ever onward. One wonders if those that never bothered protesting about all this could girlfriend themselves if something happened to their children? Could the ever be witness to their child going though this and be sane enough to tell the tale? I wonder what, with trepidation, horrors and feelings of guilt the parents of the victims that never believed their children now deal with?

I have to wonder can they deal with it.

I would not be surprised if there is, or indeed was, an element that did not give a shit. Yes and I do mean those with children who suffered too! After seeing that couple set fire to their own house and there own children dying in the blaze I simply would not be surprised at anything any more. Even typing that out about those poor kids a horrible trembling uncomfortable feeling just shot down the entire length of my spine. Brrrr!

It is odd and I have to mention this but nothing had been digs about that Children's Home in Jersey in the last year?! Absolutely everyone I have ever spoken to have mentioned that home to me and yet it's not been mentioned in the news, curiously? It's seen by everyone as the very centred to what went on as well as involving the worst against children, including murder, and where they all attended along with that name they 'claim' will never be released. Well it's both funny that they dry it will never be released and that I disagree. They mean officially off course because the name is easily found on the Internet Ann's mentioned along with everyone in the list that have already been taken to court or just investigated, like Cliff Richard.

Jill Dando and her murder also makes for interesting reading, especially when you discover what her boyfriend of the time now does for a living?! I guarantee you it had my jaw dragging on the floor along with all others, not online, I showed to webpage claims to.

Savile hospital abuse inquiry widens

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