Sunday, 9 November 2014


Right it is Sunday Morning and I am ... EASY!

Sorry could not resists that, hmm there is a song I do not have on my Walkman, which is driving me nuts of late as I cannot get playlists onto the damn thing all of a sudden, Something that many seem to be putting down to Windows Media Player 12 which Microsoft seem to be running around taking down pages that link to a downgrade to version 11?!

Now why would you do that?! It is moronic, stupid, narrow minded and incompetent things like this that the brain dead morons running companies are convinced by a load of idiot accountants or lawyers no doubt they have to do?

In reality it just alienates people towards the company and the brand and a slow downward spiral starts until its too late and then they hold their hands up saying "How could we have predicted this would happen?! We are just programmed to be greedy, not psychiatrists for God sake! Thanks for all the fee cash though, BYE!" LMAO!


So I was just uploading and flicking through emails I thought I had deleted on my Android App, groan, and I see this one regarding heroes. As its a highly worthy cause I will be posting it along with one that states that people are the evil species, or something like that and to do with dogs and the mistreatment and wrong training of them.

SO two good causes then, numpty?

Now if your visiting this blog for the furst time I should explain that the sort of subjects below are highly covered. Unfortunately many of the evil, amoral and most incompetent people work for government and public services. Almost all in fact. These subjects are an extreme focus of this blog and have been for 2.5 years to date. During this time I have not just posted what I think and what I predict. I set out and recorded audio and video as well as collected together documents, reports, screenshots and emails of each and every one as I went. Long after I layed out a long list of predictions!

Would it be reasonable to assume that there is a great deal?

Now consider that I was gathering the audio recordings and all the others I mentioned for a two or three years BEFORE I started the blog?! Impressive? How about if I state that the emails go back several years prior to this and much of mu documentation evidence goes back up to 20 years?!

Do you know you have been shafted by someone? Do you think you have been shafted by somneone? Do you have the slightest inkling that you have been shafted by someone? Has someone you know stated any of this and you do not believe them? Maybe you do not know what to believe? There is a search function within this blog, give it a go, take a look.

Do not argue with someone, lose a friendship or fallout with a family member for the sake of looking for 30 minutes, after all it is all free and everything contained within is completely free to use, download, use in court or merely play to others.

After all the best way to stop all the corruption was to get as many people to know the truth as I could and the best way to do this was to provide a service that helped people and to do this for free. A Cause Most Worthy in itself you could argue?

Men who exploit young people....bring back capital punishment I say for people capable of this immoral!

Oh now I just see what it actually read "There is only one dangerous breed ... humans!"

Unfortunately these exist at both the extreme ends of society, funny that is it not?

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