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Jesus effing Christ!!!

Google and Blogger has once again lost an entire post I typed out!!

It's just effing text for Christ sake! Alan Sugar has been wealthy for an absolute age and he did it selling computers that handled text. A bloody age ago!

But Google are having a few problems getting it right and over a year since I had the App and they STILL CAN'T HANDLE TEXT peculiarly after buying companies that were handling text rather well?!

I am not quite sure how you do that?!

Start again then?

Bad, bad morning. Ugh! I really don't want to do this... Tomorrow ...

Retyped and spent thirty minutes trying to copy this from Google's shite QuickOffice as I can no longer do this from any other device... according to the text messes that is. MAN LIVE IT'S FECKING TEXT!! Go and speak to Alan Sugar... he may be able to recall thirty years ago when he made his Word Processors and teach you got to handle text. Microsoft can teach you how to copy and paste! Lol.

yping this section out AGAIN as Google and their crappy Blogger App lost a shed load of text again! Week it is extremely tricky and technical having to desk with cutting edge stuff like te than 18 months ago made an alarming return.

Now some people, many have, call this cramp but that would not be describing it properly and not entirely sure it's accurate.

Four family members have witnessed it the first being my grandfather and grandmother, the latter passing away some fifteen years ago. Desperately asking me what was wrong my grandfather was frustrated when I did  not respond. After around twenty seconds I managed to utter 'leg' between screams. After grabbing the wrong one he then held the offending leg before looking up at my grandmother and saying "Christ, it's like holding a rock!"

You can't speak when it strikes. No matter how much you may not want to scream. Nothing else ever has achieved that but this does.

If a Doctor told me I would get this once a week I would demand morphine otherwise it would be a bullet to my own head! Without batting an eyelid!

Despite the length of time since it last struck, I really thought it had gone for good, I was already holding my calf muscle and squeezing it tight when I came to and realised what was going on. The muscle expands when it flexes and this must be to extremes when this pain hits? Squeezing the muscle tightly keeps the pain at bay but the muscle spasms and you get the pain rise and dip down again.

You still yell.

One time and on this house my mother and one brother was here and they and to witnessing it. Well hearing it first as this thing only ever occurs when I'm asleep?! Yep it's a bit weird. Around 3am my brother burst into my bedroom and I was thrashing about atop my bed. Once again I was  to get a single solitary word out which is very weird. Your brain is going over words in your head but no sound is emanating from you.

I have no idea of this is related from Fibromyalgia but I have my own doubts that it does. Not in regards to manifesting phantom pain, that is. Maybe some house cleaning job is not doing maybe. But why only one leg?

Oddly it's the calf where I have both varicose veins, not on other leg, and the dodgy knee. One to ask three Doctor next time I see him.

Then tonight after months of crap internet Three Mobile  text me REPEATEDLY and tell me I can't use tethering on Pay As You Go. So now snooping into my phone are they?!

Little so they know I already contacted Ofcom. I went mad, especially as they suggested I go and BUY a second device, err that's the only reason I bought this phone! So they are back to wanting TWO LOTS OF MONTHLY CASH FOR THE EXACT SAME THING!

Hmm think I have the rest on the blog post already?

Ooh except the part where I went onto British Telecom's website and silent thirty minutes going through an order for their Infinity and chose the 17GB unlimited downloads and was right near the effing end when it told me not to close the webpage and that my connection was estimated to be between 3MB and 8MB?!

Err NOO 17GB, SEVENTEEN GIGABIT, THAT IS WHAT IT SAID... NOT 3 OR 8MB!  For fuck sake! All these people do is act as a portal to something that's free. They can't giving fucking do that without doing it badly and being greedy about it?!

£30 per month for just a broadband connection that barely classes as such. The term broadband implied broader than the average. 3MB is NOT the average!! It's the BARE MINIMUM and is what my effing mobile is supposed to be but has not been hitting 1MB for several months...maybe never?!
Still hold their hands out for piles of wonga and Ombuds[UMM ANDROID JUST PASTED MY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER RIGHT HERE?!?!]man still sit around with their thumbs to their arse taking tens of millions of pounds a year out of the public purse for wages, perks, cars and god knows how many other things?!

But the Tories will take even now money from those without any and who were not to blame but many soon going into their wooden boxes for the long sleep goodnight, though.

That was one weird budget that did not make sense, other than pandering to people's greed and thinks everyone is greedy?

In fact one idiot I don't like left another so called money expert I don't like, Martin (?) Lewis, who was on the BBC studio who said the words 'I don't know' so many times it made my head spin, while laughing!

Right now that email...

Dear Sirs

Bloody hell?!

Ofcom and YOU?!

How many of you does it take to do nothing and take taxpayers money for it?!

Don't ever reply to that comment. You will only start a war that ends up being posted on my blog that has tens of gigabytes of secretly recorded audio of meetings, appointments, phone calls and ask manner of things regarding corruption in the UK, who is at it and how along with Ombudsman that don't do anything about it or even ask to see the evidence?!


I have already emailed Ofcom about the fact that I and others on Three, Vodafone, Orange, EE and O2 right across North London have had very slow or no Internet for MONTHS!!

Also... before you read the letter pasted data is considered in law to be a commodity. It's treated as physical just like a Blu-Ray player or Television...

You therefore cannot charge twice for it!

Yet they have, did and still do and my own mother bought a tablet PC she thought she was posing monthly for and argued with me that it did not have a son card in the tablet, she has a Samsung S5 already. I then simply rang her tablet!! To a very confused face!

Without going over one again what I am complaining about, no it's neither of those as I am sure you have had many you have done nothing about.

No out is the flowing...


Dear Sirs

Right before I rip you a new one, because I deal in corruption and corporate bullshit and have a website with 100gb secretly recorded audio and get such stupid lies it's not true and everyone underestimates me by a country mile, I want to ask you ax question...

Now I am going to state right here and RIGHT NOW I have a BSc Single Honours Degree in Applied Computing. So I an trying to ward you off peeving me off before hand.

You have been warned.

Now what the telecoms companies have been trying to do with data... is a rip off...pure and simple.
If a member of the public did this with anything owned by large greedy corporate twats they would give down on them like a ton of bricks and even prosecute them. Corporations, however, seem to think that the rules and laws are different for them.

Secondly... data is data. It does not matter if it's a phone, dongle, hard-line or blowing it out your arse...

I have had no Internet connection via tethering for a  couple of months.. you owe me £15 by the way.
As well as me I have been told by mobile phone users right across North London on all networks that they have had no Internet or has been very slow for several months now.

Bearing this in mind why the feck are you texting me now telling me that I can't use tethering anymore?! No warning or anything... cheers for that awfully considerate of you.

Why have you doing this bearing on mind I emailed you with a complaint recently?! Which you did feck all about by the way!!

It gets better because in the same message you bloody well tell me to go and give you even more money for another device I don't fecking need for a service your not effing providing?!

I am so glad I have Of com a fecking roasting recently because they do feck all to keep you in check while taking taxpayers money!!

It is criminal and fraud and I am sending a copy of this to Of com and publishing it on my blog.
I WON'T BE buying ANOTHER device, thank you very much and nor will I be buying anymore credit from you each month... AT ALL!!

I will be going the hard-line route and as Android is also effing crap, something tech journalists seen to miss but something else I hear more and more from people you can place your mobile phones where the sun don't shine!!

Martin Haswell BSc

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