Thursday, 5 March 2015


Right then...blood pressure down...for now at least!

Onwards and upwards. Now and after several days of getting a crap load of Chinese software I did not want which was malicious, virus ridden and screwed up my Internet connection when I finally deleted it and then wiping one SSD and reinstalling Windows I am finally back! Phew!

That barrel load of malicious software crap came from HTC's website because there Windows clock and weather gadget was the only one I could find, Microsoft stopping gadgets previoulsy it turned out. So thank you HTC I will now no longer consider anything you make!

So I discover this morning, while getting frustrated as I am meant to do several things and cannot find anything, that my Google Mail stuff has not been alerting me. Also rather odd is that fact that my Android phone, the Moto G, has become odd in its behaviour and its clock become stuck for the second time now?! Weird.

Now been surrounded by people witrh smart phones moaning like hell about the reception and the Internet being crap for many weeks now in two large areas of North London, from Hackney to Enfield?! Still holding out their hands for cash though, arent they?

Anyhoo I found an email from the PHSO and rather strangely and what has been going on for over a year now they ask me for details of what happened?! Err yahh think I would have done that in the initial contact! Dumb-arses! Anyway I was sarcastic in my repsonse and just like the NHS thelmselves and the DWP and a few others I have laid my cards upon the way of a reply and an attachment or two!

Here follows the email and then a screen-shot of the email screen with its attachments ...


Dear Johnathan White


It has come to my attention that I am not being informed of any emails arriving in this GMAIL service. Added to this I have been corresponding with a complaints department within the NHS who claim I have made no complaint. When I pointed out that I did indeed complain and have all the documentation it turned out that there are several complaints departments?!

Why in the hell would this be other than to confuse the issue?!

I might remind both you and the NHS that I have Fibromyalgia, this can never now be disproved, and I have Fibrofog as a result and it has been my claim since I self diagnosed myself that the NHS and its different departments have been 'playing' to this weakness in my short term memory.

Now I would like to know what it is that you can do about this situation and would like evidence to the fact that you hgave actually performed your tasks in the past? Case examples if you will and you can put these down as a Freedom Of Information request.

I do believe I have already made it clear that my diagnosis was very deliberately kept from me and even once self diagnosed successfully steps, trust me thats plural, were taken to prevent me from officially diagnosing this.

Now I can tell you at this point, and after a series of different health issues gone on for months and scaring my current GP wh is very good, that I laid my cards on the table with a number of public services, including the NHS and DWP. I know what has been going on and I have known for awhile and have played dumb while I am at it...

I simply wanted to see just how much everyone tries to wriggle out of doing anything and recording all the excuses and passing of the buck. I have a great deal of that now recorded. I know about the false documentation sent to the DWP and of course with this being how it was there had to be a back-up plan. No Doctor with any intelligence would carry out their commands without protecting themselves.

The simple task for me was working out what this was, becoming absolutely confident I was correct in my assumptions and then simply...triggering this safety precaution.

I did this a couple of months ago.

I did this by dealing with a number of different departments within the DWP at the exact same time and I recieved in 48 hours four separate documents containing repoarts I had made requests of via the FOIA. They paid off better than I could ever dreamed and I simply then showed all of them what I had and what I knew and could prove. This was done just as a claim for Personal Independent Payments had taken a little over a year to refuse me.

When they refused me I also had letters stating that there were absolutely no NHS documentation held on me at all...perfect because I could very easily prove that they did. They did what I expected them to! Get rid of the entire file they had on me that was anything to do with the NHS!

The reaction once I told them?

A payment of £4,500 in backdated PIPS that I have now told them is not enough.

This was a one whole year backpayments and I am on the process of acquiring more by forcing them to up the amount.

The problem?

I lost my DLA 8 years ago and not only did I loisew all that money based upon lies and cheating by people also taking money out of the taxes which do not deserve it and at a much higher rate than claimants but it also destroyed my relationships with family and friends who could not believe that the NHS would lie in this way and be that corrupt.

So I set out 7 years ago to prove this and I knew it would take a very long time.

Quite conveniently for the publ;ic services as I was going to do this 5 years or so ago I was physically attacked and defrauded out of well over £4,000 by bailiffs acting under orders of a public service? Ohh now is that not weird?!

I have the documentation that proves I was physically attacked and that the monies raised according to the invoice was only 10% of what was actually raised. Meaning I did not get the money back to prove my ailments and that the appointment I was about to make and pay £3,000 for a whole body MRI at Canary Wharf got cancelled.

Now this has long since been published very publicly along with everything else and the recordings that none of the ombudsman asked for, let alone acted on, on my blog. Consider now how this little incident fits into the picture of me now knowing that the NHS knew for an uncertain amount of time what my ailment was before I successfully self diagnosed it?

How do you think this will now appear to my visitis and readers?

Some months ago I was thanked by a Vicar for what I have done online, for his family had a similar thing and for years felt like everyone saw them and treated them as liars! He thanked me for the efforts I had done to prove my claims, I ALWAYS PROVE WHAT I STATE, and said he realised now that the NHS was just one big corrupt organisation.

Michael Meacher MP asked me in January 2013 if he could use my data to send to the media and use to attack the Conservatives in the House of Commons. I really should put that email up?! I knew this would only be for political gains but I could always use this to my advantage and I have now had 200,000 plus, not sure of the exact figure, read my words and see what it is that I do. There is, however, one thing that I am amazed that each ombudsman I contact fails to see...

I have done the jobs of countless ombudsman and each fails to see the embarrassment this will cause them in the long run?!

Now Mr White, I do believe that I have contacted you several times about this along with several other NHS complints departments? think for a moment and take in that I have published each one of your correspondences. Or in other words it is on very public record and rising that I have explained to you what has happened several times over? 

Yet I find this forgotten and unread email where you ask me what happened?! I do believe I have told you already but if not you can find the details and recordings, *SIGH*, here...again...

Try the keywords: Darren Francis, John Gubbay, Johnathan Gubbay, Abernethy House, NHS Corruption, secretly recorded audio, Willow House Surgery, Guys Hospital, Dr Kirkham, Dr Saksena, Dr Tai, Dr Day (could be Dr Ray), Julian Livingstone, Catherine Johnstone, Dr Kumar

There are many other possibible search terms that I cannot think of right the words 'test', 'ultrasound' and others.

Stop trying to get me to be specific when I have all of the above lying and that this web of lies and deceit has gone on for a great many years because I have been logging it for not just that long but way over a decade.

In fact it was twenty years ago when I realised that a public service was corrupt and the legal system not worth a wet one. Since then I have been watching every single one and figuring out a way to gather information and battle each and every one of them and without a chance at all of losing! Now please pay attention...

First off do not, I repeat do NOT, take it that my failure to respond means that I have gone away. Also I can tell you that not only am I but have been for awhile in contact with one of the most powerful bodies in the land which involves not one but FOUR organisations each one of which would make the NHS look like small fry. Two of them especially so and these events are not only the biggest and most shocking I have been involved with bar none but also feature on my blog! Though you would have to go back about two or three years into the archive of my posts.

I would are anyone not to raise an eyebrow over these events.

Not only am I involved with a body presently who have receieved three DVDs full of evidence but at the same time there is a current court case involving this..or rather just one aspect of those involvements.

Now when this was pride of place with the posts I had only just created the blog. In fact I had to wait until it was over before I could create the blog in the first place. So there were only a few hundred to a few thousand that would read about these fantastical events. Once over there was nothing more to post about so it went quiet.

That is about to change.

When it does change the couple of hudred thousand visitors will gradually find out about it as well as the 15,000 visitors I get each month and therefore that will make one hell of an inpact throughout the rest of 2015.

Plus this is not the only one either that will be making one hell of a splash during 2015.

So I have attached a few reports I made at a much earlier date, its very likely that one of them will be a report I already typed out and sent to you people?

I might follow this email up with a few more.

Now I do hope that the instructions found within, the blog details and how to find the relevant, but not all, recordings will be enough now for you to actually...umm...DO one of your investigations?

I am expecting you to do nothing. Or make a load of noises and then at the end of it get...nowhere.

This is the pattern I predicted to my readers and that would continue for several years and this is what has occured so far though with one exception and the DWP crumbling, well I got the opportunity to fire a salvo into their portside and I did it.

Of course i tshould be realised that they burned the NHS documentation which means it was all false?!


Martin Haswell BSc


Here is the screen-shot ...

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