Sunday, 1 March 2015


I simply cannot believe it.

I get absolutely inundated with emails from Amazon asking me to write reviews about both sellers and products. <em>Inundated!!</em>

Yet lately and against my better <em>and </em>previous judgement I spent a fair bit of money through Amazon for things I need. Out of many of these things one was a little device to hold walking sticks up against a table's edge. Except they do not! A friend of mine who himself had been both a manufacturer of products and performed this job for others spotted one that I had not even removed from the packet, I bought two. He asked what it was.

I removed the item and showed his it was supposed to clip around a walking stick but was awkward and to tight...despite the fact that this was not only the easiest part of the job to achieve it was the only one that it <em>did </em>achieve!

I then pointed out that at the hinge section there were two large rubber platforms that I spent thirty minutes trying to remove when I should have been leaving the house to figure out go it clips onto the table. It didn't and I raised that the edge was supposed to rest atop the table or underneath it. It didn't... or at least bit for very long. If you use the surface at all the waking stick falls down. I had two to test and if they worked OK would have bought two more. I own three walking sticks and will probably acquire a couple more over the next 6 months.

My friend asked if I was joking and then roared with laughter.

Then I explained that I had, had these on my wish-list due a couple of years and not gotten around to ordering them but with the lump payout I ordered many little things. Another one are these dragon clips for holding headphone wires on clothing. A pack of five but on taking out I only slightly applied pressure to the hook to get the thin wire underneath and...'SNAP!' Took out the second one and thought I had better be more careful and ... 'SNAP!' Based on being gentle and then snapping so easily it was obvious that even if I managed to get two on the wire they would not last long what with people needing to move about!! I mean if we stayed perfectly effing still then what would be the point in needing clips?! So the fact that these products had been there a long time and were absolute shite, took over three weeks to turn to that meant the seller did not care about seeking their customers white, even the disabled ones. Ergo bad seller as well as bad product!

Well imagine my friends face when I told him that the only bad reviews I had given out of several dozen had been removed by Amazon?! His eyes went wide and asked once again "are you joking?" Nope! "Unfortunately they are turning into eBay and I don't know anyone that so uses eBay today!" I later found out that one brother bought a HTC phone via his friend's eBay account which he now complains about and I roared with laughter!

Now these companies are bloody blind. Added to that and as is <em>always </em>the case they start of very good, get bought up and end up with share members who don't have afucking clue who then claim to be business experts, tip...changing things to make massive short term profits while destroying an established company did bit make you business experts, then start losing customers and therefore money. Err duhhh!!

Absolute morons! As are many of the brain dead customers and sellers they make cash out of. So you would think that when they are losing money and customers they would listen to the customers who are both intelligent and important and not piss them off and drive them elsewhere after having an account for 18 years?!

Well apparently not!

Attached is a screenshot of an email of my second... or perhaps third review being removed because I was honest! Funny how they have nothing in place to remove good reviews for what are write obviously bad products?!


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