Saturday, 14 March 2015


I have made comments still about typing out my blog posts on Android the last few days.

Buy the last few days I have been using the latest Android Lollipop and was surprised when my phone updated to it, the Moto G and the first version of it, bit the newer version.

I had wondered whether it not what they were stating about it was true, Google that is?

Luckily they have saved me several hundred pounds or more by updating my phone. I won't be buying another Android tablet and phone and if they have improved Android I don't know where the improvement is. I have already corrected a dozen mistakes in the swiping in just these two short paragraphs and then some.

So as far as I am concerned they lied.

I do tend to think that they are still focused in the same way they were when they came up with their utterly ridiculous company name and got behind Raspberry Pi. The same thing I accused UBI Soft of doing, angrily, which got my account banned for two months but refused to admit why and who lied and stated I was annoying other players? I asked if it was being far too good?! Lol!

Targeting kids.

I simply could not recommend Android for doing anything business related or what could cost money.

The keyboard has gone from the usual black to something a few shades lighter than battleship grey! An attempt to appear more grown up maybe? Lol. It is a bit bland of I'm honest.

The lock screen is different and instead of the old back button design of a curly arrow you now have a PlayStation like look to ask three. Back is a triangle, menu a circle and umm, err e other a square! Aaand back to children! Or the PlayStation crowd at least, Sony legal action pending?! Lol.

Stewie Griffin will be looking for the round hole to push his square into?

I am interested to see if this version ends up with loads of little updates to improve things? Like that of both Jellybean but especially KitKat which even my mother, not in the least IT literate, noticed there has been a lot and wondered if it was because it was shite!

That simple fact of being noticed by my mother showed for me just got biased/incompetent/paid off IT journalists are, or were. Really, really bad.

I have thought how good it would be to do, or rather work on before posting, a post purely on updates. I hate them... and make no bones about it I hate them with a passion. Always have. The attempts at swiping out 'always'! And another five!!

Since my suspicion was raised upon updates first appearing O have also, oh and I see Google still think 'O' is a word, been witness to more and more people getting fed up with them.

It is such a different experience today to this first few months with my Motorola Defy using Android Froyo and Gingerbread. Well that is until I had owned it about three months and broke the phone they had claimed was indestructible, that would not swipe out...err or 'swipe' lol! Not only was it the first ever phone I ever broke from the days of owning a Motorola Startac but broke because it fell off a crap cycle handlebar phone holder which was one of the countless inferior products that Amazon allow to be sold unchecked!

And they wonder why we have not gone back to spending like they did before? Lmao!

They obviously think everyone are being dread idiots?! Hmm maybe always voting for the same two politician parties no matter how crap your treated does not help?

If life gets even worse and your treated even more like idiots after the election ... well ... you might want to take stock of your actions? Or voting habits, lol. Everyone moans they are liars and then say compete rubbish like...'ooh we can't imagine him as Prime Minister...' with some utter drivel that means bugger all following on from that.

Don't vote for liars... rule number one!

Rule number two... don't refuse to vote because your letting in the ones you moan about.
Two simple rules to saving or changing the UK. Not hard is it?

Except annoyingly I can't vote presently but will look into this and try to vote.

Not on electoral register and never will be because despite the five, FECK! FINE!, they can shove to their arses there is no fine or even check on local councils handing out your location to anyone that asks. Like bailiffs that come round and adult you, by the letter of the law then burgle your belongings, lie to you, commit fraud and then tax fraud and apparently that's all OK.

Yes well you can take your laws, rules and protocols and shove them to your arse.

Whatever hard time I was planning to give them raised up to living hell standards after that fateful day.

Since then it's take no prisoners and no excuses and rip apart anyone or anything that stands between me and my intended goals.

Yeah I really do hate updates, lol.

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