Thursday, 12 March 2015

BACK ON THE TRAILS ONCE AGAIN well as the little things in the pipeline, yeah yeah its an understatement I know, I am back to cycling up Lea Valley Park complete with camera!


Yes so along with my other little plans for the corruption exposes my old one of filming and photographing wildlife is back on track and with an early start this year!

As this one gets into full swing some other tools should soon follow for another blog subject I have seriously neglected apart from the odd report in the news. Will not mention which subject as I am suddenly all superstitious?! Huh!

Once this is all done I then simply need to fond the time to do it all as well as REMEMBER to do it all?!

Hopefully the long missing incentive may have materialised by then or will do by the first half of 2015?! Fingers crossed!

Anyway here are a few videos I did while up there of the new bike and boy is it damn nice to ride!

Oh crap!

Just remembered ... not uploaded them all yet! Dumb-arse!

I will add the videos below later today or tomorrow ...

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