Monday, 30 March 2015


Oh well, this BBC report is something of a surprise. It shouldn't be but desire predicting these behaviors, backlashes and corruption long before they occur still situated me each time.

Surprising too is the fact that along with two guys dressed as women ramming a Police car blocking an entrance to the NSA, National Security Agency in America, someone fired bullets at an FBI building not that long ago?!

I feared that there would be repercussions. As previously stated on here.

Oddly I wonder if the idiots at these agencies realise that in the event of different groups planning and plotting revenge or vengeance, their own pissed of people they claim to do all this for, the first ones from smaller groups always are the worst implemented?!

What do you think the odds are on this bet?!

I wonder if anything else will occur over the next twelve to twenty four months and what else this turns out to be?

I also wonder in all this whether it will come out that this is over their lies and bullshit and whether they will try to bury that?

Also interesting is that I could find no mention of the two cross dressers during any weapons or even possessing any.

I will mention something on another subject and one of a few things that I previously mentioned was in the pipeline. Oh you thought that the Investigatory Powers Tribunal was it and the only one?! Oh no...

I posted several letters off several weeks ago. Very late in replying I have had a reply. Oddly one linked to the other one has not replied.

This is exactly what I was counting on, the details in one letter have added some real gorgeous detailing, figuratively speaking, to my already polished plan, they also lied and feel for the bait!

Now, no details but I want to be able to refer back to exactly what I stated... err here, and prove some of my... trickery at a later date and how it... err or this particular one... works.

So none of them claiming later on that I did not and just got lucky! Lol!

NSA shooting: One dead after car rams security gate -

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